Dear Campus Community,

Over the weekend, College officials were made aware of a social media post involving one or more members of our campus community that contained a Halloween costume and messaging that was racially insensitive. This whole situation is very painful to many people, and I am extremely disappointed that something like this is connected to our university.

In no way does this behavior reflect our College of Charleston core values, especially as it relates to diversity, community and respect for the individual student. Our education and our campus community are about lifting each other up, not tearing each other down.

Related to this specific off-campus incident, the College’s Division of Student Affairs and the Department of Public Safety are conducting a full investigation. If we determine that the institution’s student code of conduct or any other college policies have been violated, we will take appropriate action. That being said, federal privacy laws limit the amount of information that can be shared regarding our ongoing investigation and its ultimate outcome.

For those students who have been impacted by this incident or other hurtful experiences, I strongly encourage you to take advantage of several resources on campus:

With Halloween taking place tomorrow, if you plan to celebrate it, I encourage you to think about your party themes and costume choices and the impression they may have on others. If you have the slightest doubt if your costume/party theme is insensitive, be smart and don’t do it.

Racism and intolerance of any kind have no place on our campus – and in our world.




Glenn F. McConnell ’69

President, College of Charleston