A Few of the Featured Faces in the New ‘Portico’

A Few of the Featured Faces in the New ‘Portico’

Haven’t had a chance to check out the new Portico yet? Here’s just a few of the stories you’ve been missing out on!

To Our Health

Ashley Galloway Thomas is the first registered dietitian to serve the campus community. Providing nutrition counseling for students with food allergies and working with Dining Services to add healthier choices to the College’s menus, Thomas is making the College healthier than ever.


Always a Welcome Sign

Jerry McClary has worked in almost every building on campus over the past 25 years – and has been the sole person to change out the Sottile Theatre marquee’s messages for just as long. Greeting everyone he sees with a smile and a kind word, McClary’s face is always a welcome sign.


betsy harperHumor Me

Betsy Harper, assistant director of New Student Programs, isn’t scared of being silly. In fact, when she takes the improv stage at Theatre 99 every week, she can be downright absurd. Fortunately, when it comes to improv comedy, absurdity makes perfect sense: You’re exploring a world that’s so absurd, there is no explanation,” she says.


John SchroederHigh Note

As the College’s senior identity and access management analyst in IT, John Schroeder is used to working behind the scenes. But in Charleston’s choral community, his booming voice always stands out.