When a massive live oak fell in Cistern Yard last summer, its demise made way for new inductees to the grounds. Newly planted in front of Randolph Hall are three new live oaks from Adams Run, South Carolina.

After the first tree collapsed in the summer of 2016, former CofC Grounds Supervisor Paty Cowden says that two more live oaks and a laurel oak were deemed hazardous by City of Charleston Arborist Eric Schultz and subsequently removed.

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In an effort to maintain the iconic look of Cistern Yard, the replacement oaks were planted in the same area where the diseased trees once stood.

“They will grow as large as the others in the yard,” says Interim Grounds Supervisor James Ravenel. “They are about 25 feet tall now. They will need 30 gallons of water daily, and we will visually inspect them to ensure they are doing well. In addition, in about two weeks, we will add a root stimulant to encourage root growth.”

For those who might miss the old towering versions, a piece of the fallen tree can be yours to take home through the Alumni Association’s Cistern Oak Collection.

Feature photo: Reese Moore