CofC in the News: Week of Feb. 26, 2018

College of Charleston “In the News” is a round-up of news articles featuring College faculty, staff, students and alumni. Recent media coverage of CofC includes:


 The most ‘popular’ 2020 Democrat at CPAC is …

College of Charleston student Coleman Theodore talks to CNN in a story about politics.

Students Get to the Root of the Problem in Competition

The Charleston Regional Business Journal writes about the College of Charleston Math Meet.

80 years after first opening, Charleston’s Old Slave Mart Museum adds new layers of history

The Post and Courier has the story about the College’s recent acquisition of papers from the Old Slave Mart Museum.

A Star Is Shorn: The Fine Art of Spotting Supernovae Is Ideal for Amateurs

Astrophysicist Ashley Pagnotta speaks with Scientific American about supernovas.

Billy Graham left a giant footprint, spreading evangelism from the South across the globe

 Religion professor Elijah Siegler talks with The Post and Courier about Billy Graham.

TV trauma cases don’t look much like real life

Reuters interviews health communication professor Elena Strauman about injuries.

Gov Hopeful Supported Pro-Gun Candidate, Now Criticizes One

 Political science professor Gibbs Knotts talks to The Post and Courier about the South Carolina governor’s race.