Given that the College and fencing were both founded in the 18th century, it’s only fitting that the school should have a fencing club. Although fencing clubs have been on campus with starts and stops over the years, this iteration of the club was re-established this past year by Daniel Oxendine.

“I had wanted to do fencing for many years, and the only way I was going to be able to do it was by creating a fencing club myself,” says the anthropology and archaeology major. “I also saw this as an opportunity to get a lot of students, and specifically freshmen, involved in a club so that they would enjoy their time here more and feel like they fit in more.”

The club practiced twice a week this past school year in the Stern Student Center in the hopes that they will get good enough to compete against other clubs this fall. Although there are only 10 active members, many others have dropped by to give it a try.

“It’s not difficult to learn,” says Oxendine, noting that they use the easiest of the three fencing swords, the foil. “It takes a while to get really good, but to learn the basics, it is quite easy.

It’s also a good release from the pressures of college. “I like how stress relieving fencing is and how it is like a game of chess, but with swords,” he adds. “It’s just a lot of fun.”

Here’s hoping nothing foils the club’s success this fall.

Featured image: Daniel Oxendine (right) re-established the College’s fencing club with Matt Kidwell (left). (Photo by Mike Ledford)