The summer 2018 edition of College of Charleston Magazine is just arriving in homes across the country, around the globe and throughout campus. The diverse collection of stories includes a retrospective on former President Glenn F. McConnell ’69; profiles of interesting students, faculty and alumni; and a recap of the men’s basketball team’s 2017-2018 championship season. All of the current stories and stories from past issues are also available online.

Here are some highlights of what’s inside:

A Steady Course

Sean Hannigan ’18 (pictured above) is the perfect example of what the College can do for a student and also what a student can do for the College. Despite severe physical struggles, he captained the offshore sailing team while giving back in numerous ways to the Charleston community.

Picking Up the Threads

Brent Munsell’s official title might be computer science professor, but he’s really a medical detective trying to unlock some of the neurological mysteries of the brain with his imaging programs – for mankind, of course, but mostly for his daughter.


The music business was the first monolith to fall in the digital age. And now streaming has upended it again, but it’s created a lot of opportunities for entrepreneurially minded artists. Helping make sense of it all is the music concentration in the College’s arts management program.

Throwing a Hail Mary

The fall semester is just around the corner when universities all over the country will be gearing up for another season of football – except the College of Charleston, of course. We had a team once. Could we again?