CofC Employees Recognized for Years of Service

CofC Employees Recognized for Years of Service

Nearly 100 faculty and staff members were recognized for 10 or more years of service during the annual Back to School Picnic on Aug. 15, 2018, at TD Arena. Congratulations to the following employees:

40 Years

William R. Barfield, Health and Human Performance
George J. Pothering, Computer Science (pictured above)

30 Years

Frank L. Hefner, Economics
Gregory Alton Hill, Enterprise Systems
Samuel B. Jones, Budgeting and Payroll Services
Dinesh G. Sarvate, Mathematics
June E. McDaniel, Religious Studies
Cynthia M. Venning, Custodial Services

20 Years

Tracy Dillon Bates, Student Computing Support
Tracy L. Burkett, Sociology and Anthropology
Timothy L. Carens, English
Angela Crespo Cozart, Teacher Education
Kathleen Anne DeHaan, Communication
Jean B. Everett, Biology
Nathaniel Grampus, Building and Equipment Maintenance
Susan L. Hallatt, Graduate School
Michael S. Harris, Geology
Edward B. Hart, Music
Maureen A. Hays, School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Frederick N. Hiers, Helpdesk and Field Support
Harland E. Hodges, Management and Marketing
Deborah W. Jeter, Mathematics
Larry D. Krasnoff, Philosophy
Celeste C. Lacroix, Communication
Cynthia P. May, Psychology
Marian Mazzone, Art and Architectural History
Renee A. McCauley, Computer Science
Ronald Lee McKelvey, Building and Equipment Maintenance
Valerie Bonita Morris, School of the Arts
Peter A. Piccione, History
Pamela Jo Riggs-Gelasco, Chemistry
Michael A. Robertson, College Marketing and Communication
Sarah E. Simmonite, International Education
Marcia Susan Snyder, Finance
Laetitia E. Sobiesuo, Registrar’s Office
Allan Edgar Strand, Biology
Julie Dingle Swanson, Teacher Education
Robert J. Taylor, Music
Jolanda Pieta van Arnhem, Library
Marlene L. Williams, Grounds Maintenance
Valerie Denise Wittrell, Public Safety
Miranda G. Wright, Physical Plant

10 Years

Ghazi M. Abuhakema, Asian Studies
Timothy Glenn Albrecht, Infrastructure
Larissa L. Allison, Admissions
Emily S. Beck, Hispanic Studies
Anthony J. Bishara, Psychology
Marnette R. Bowen, Student Affairs
William H. Breard, Library
Aaron J. Burnham, Public Safety
Bill C. Carswell, Office of Institutional Events
Chen-Huei Chou, Supply Chain and Information Management
Margaret H. Cieslikowski, Development
Jeremy C. Clement, Hospitality and Tourism Management
Ray M. Creede, Helpdesk and Field Support
Franklin James Czwazka, Registrar’s Office
Arly S. Douglass, School of Education, Health and Human Performance
Marcus Hamilton Durden, Central Energy
Kathleen H. Ford, Legal Affairs
Sherri E. Gadsden, Custodial Services
Richard A. Gillard, Public Safety
Teena Loraine Ham, Helpdesk and Field Support
Silvia Youssef Hanna, Academic Advising and Planning Center
Kevin Henderson, Building and Equipment Maintenance
Chad Holbrook, Baseball-Men
Samuel L. Holmes, Building and Equipment Maintenance
Christopher W. Horschel, Athletic Staff
Glenda C. Inabinet, School of Business
Patricia Kay Janes, Psychology
Michael J. Lee, Communication
Taquia LaShawn Martino, Parking Operations
Kevin R. McCray, Building and Equipment Maintenance
David J. McDonough, Public Safety
Eric J. McElroy, Biology
J. Brumby McLeod, Hospitality and Tourism Management
Crystal L. Mead, Institutional Advancement
Ron J. Menchaca, College Marketing and Communications
Kathryn Taylor Monk, School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Daniel J. Moses, Infrastructure
Monique T. Owens, Controller
Paul David Patrick, Business Affairs
Corrine Porcher, Custodial Services
Andrew Przeworski, Mathematics
Kathleen Beres Rogers, English
Tina Marie Rogonia, Office of Institutional Events
Annette Simmons, Custodial Services
Barry L. Stiefel, Art and Architectural History
Laura K. Suggs, Academic Advising and Planning Center
David M. Templeton, Music
Antone T. Thompson, Custodial Services
Annette M. Watson, Political Science
Allison Marie Welch, Biology
Gerald Whaley, Building and Equipment Maintenance
Kelley Mayer White, Teacher Education
Moneke S. Williams, Public Safety
Markus A. Williams, Building and Equipment Maintenance
Scott J. Woolum, Financial Assistance-Veteran Affair
Elaine M. Worzala, Finance
Jennifer Lyn Wright, Psychology