Faculty and Staff Contributions Add Up to Something Big

When you work at the College of Charleston, you work for something bigger – you work for the education and development of our students, the enrichment and empowerment of our community, and the well-being and future of our global society. Every day, you do your part – contributing whatever you can as an individual to help the College make a difference as an institution. Your commitment makes a difference – especially through the Faculty and Staff Giving Drive.

“Many of us give to our students in our time and our commitment – ways that are difficult to measure. Participating in the Faculty and Staff Giving Drive is one way to give that is measured and will have a lasting impact,” says Todd McNerney, professor of theatre and dance, who is on the 2018–19 Faculty and Staff Giving Drive Committee. “The very best part is that a gift of any size has equal value because what is measured is the percentage of employee participation.”

Indeed – because corporations and foundations consider faculty and staff giving rates when determining their own support for the College – the faculty and staff’s percentage of participation plays a huge role in ensuring the success of the institution.

“Participation is what is most important,” says Chris Bailey ’12 (MPA ’15), associate director of marketing and admissions for the Honors College and co-chair of the Faculty and Staff Giving Drive Committee. “Although it may be difficult for most faculty and staff members to give large sums of money, our participation shows College leadership, Board of Trustees, students, alumni, donors and the Charleston community that CofC faculty and staff members are invested in the College and believe in its mission.”

Last year, over 21 percent of all CofC employees participated in giving a total of $358,567 to 161 different funds. This year, the goal is to have 25 percent of employees participating.

“I feel it’s important for faculty and staff to give back to the College because it can create the ability to transform lives and giving back is important,” says Markus Williams, an electrician in Building and Equipment Maintenance and a new member of the Faculty and Staff Giving Drive Committee. “I decided to get involved because I believe in giving back, and just to know that it can help is gratifying and makes it all worth the while of giving.”

And, if gratification isn’t enough, there’s always the added incentive of free coffee! Donors who make a gift or pledge of $50 or more during the month of September, will receive a card to be redeemed for hot coffee/tea at Starbucks (Addlestone Library, Stern Center Food Court and P.O.D. at Education Center) during the entire month of October.

You choose where your funds go, and how you want to make your gift – whether it’s through a pledge, a check, a credit card or even payroll deduction.

“Support whatever you’re passionate about, whenever you want, however you want. There are no restrictions when it comes to giving back,” says Lauren Whiteside Mann ’07, assistant director of annual leadership giving. “It’s so easy to make a big difference because even the smallest gifts really do add up.”

Indeed, says McNerney, “This is actually an instance where the old adage that so many of us grew up hearing is borne out: ‘It’s not the size of the gift, but the thought that counts.’”

For more information on how to give, contact Lauren Mann at 843.953.5172.