College of Charleston “In the News” is a weekly round-up of news articles featuring College faculty, staff, students or alumni. Recent media coverage of the College includes:

6 things to know about the Charleston arts scene this week

The Post and Courier previews the College’s International Piano Series.

Bob Inglis, a Republican believer in climate change, is out to convert his party

NBC News looks at Bob Inglis’ visit to the College of Charleston.

Slow and deadly: Hurricane Florence is a storm for the SC, NC history books

Geology professor Norman Levine talks to The Post and Courier about flooding.

With less than 40 days until election, when will SC candidates for governor debate?

Political scientist Gibbs Knotts is interviewed by The State about the upcoming governor’s race in South Carolina.

Sen. Lindsey Graham’s angry outburst cuts into Kavanaugh hearing

Political science professor Claire Wofford talks to The Post and Courier about the hearings for Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Does Joe Cunningham need to woo SC Republicans to win?

The Post and Courier interviews political science professor Jordan Ragusa about a congressional race.

In Banned Books class at College of Charleston, Solzhenitsyn meets Captain Underpants

The Post and Courier examines a class at the College that tackles the issue of banned books.

Commentary: Charleston must own its slavery wrongs if it hopes to right them

English professor Julia Eichelberger writes an op/ed in the Post and Courier.

College of Charleston Creates Center for the Study of Slavery in Charleston

The Charleston Chronicle looks at the College’s new Center for the Study of Slavery in Charleston.

These Glowing Fish Spread Parasites to Sperm Whales

National Geographic talks to biology professor Isaure de Buron-Connors about a study of whales.