In any business, the impression of cleanliness can shape the attitude of employees, customers and visitors. That’s especially true in the realm of higher education.

Interim President Stephen C. Osborne ’73 talks with custodian Alfonzo Scott. (Photos by Heather Moran)

On Tuesday, Oct. 2, 2018, Facilities Management at the College of Charleston took a moment to thank the custodians who keep the College a clean and orderly environment for learning. The reception, held in the McAlister Suite of TD Arena, marked National Custodian Appreciation Day, a day set aside each year to acknowledge the work done behind the scenes to keep schools, workplaces and public facilities clean and safe.  

“Custodial services are mission critical to the success of our College,” says John Morris, vice president for Facilities Management. “Performing custodial services in our facilities is not the same as a customer’s experience in their home. Our custodians clean, on average, about 30,000 [gross square feet] each day. This is equivalent to about 15 average sized houses.”

Cleaning classrooms, public restrooms and campus facilities day in and day out is a herculean task, says Morris.

National Custodial Appreciation Day reception included refreshments and cake.

“These spaces often have several thousand people using them every day,” he says. “Imagine trying to clean your house every day after 1,000 people used your restroom, ate in your kitchen, walked on your carpet and sat in your living room. This analogy often helps our customers understand the challenging work our custodial staff perform on a daily basis.”

The value of the College’s Custodial Services is immeasurable, but often goes unseen. 

“Custodial services are something that everyone depends on. Customers may not notice that they are complete, but they definitely notice if they are not,” says Morris. “Our custodial staff provide a valuable service to the campus and may not always be fully recognized for those services. I encourage everyone to recognize their custodian, not just on Custodian Appreciation Day, but every day of the year.”