Tips for Taking the Stress Out of Final Exams

Tips for Taking the Stress Out of Final Exams

A little stress can be a good thing; it can be the motivation that some people need to get things done. But too much stress can be overwhelming.

Elizabeth Dixon, interim director of the College’s Counseling Center. 

With classes ending and final exams around the corner, it is important to understand the implications of stress and how to manage it.

The College Today asked Elizabeth Dixon, interim director of the College’s Counseling Center, for some tips on managing stress during this high-pressure time of year.

Is it normal to be stressed?

Yes, stress is normal. Some stress is productive and too much can be counterproductive.

What is the best way to manage stress?

Make sure to take time out for yourself to engage in self-care. Make sure you get plenty of exercise, eat healthy foods, engage in hobbies and spend time with friends or loved ones.

What are things you should NOT do to relieve stress?

Don’t use alcohol or drugs to cope. Avoid excessive caffeine use. Don’t overwhelm yourself with over-scheduling. Avoid excessive time spent on screens. And don’t avoid exercise or social contact.

What should you do if you feel overwhelmed with stress? 

Ask for help, take care of yourself, re-evaluate your schedule/priorities. Engage in pro-social activities.

 Anything else you want to add on this subject?

Stress is a normal part of life. How we handle it is what is important. Being good at recognizing your limits is helpful in reducing burnout and fatigue. Stressful periods do end and they are not constant. Sometimes it is just about making it through the stressful times.

If stress or other issues are impacting your well-being, the Counseling Center staff has the time, skills and willingness to help. The Counseling Center also offers support through the Cougar Counseling Team. No appointment is needed.

The Center is located in Suite 300 of the Robert Scott Small building. The phone number is 843-953-5640.