by Nick Vlattas

Sports have always been a large part of Candice M. Jackson‘s life. Now, as the head coach of the College of Charleston women’s basketball team, she understands the importance of expanding women’s roles in athletics and using sports as a platform for women to express themselves and expand their impact.

For Jackson, it’s about paying the opportunity forward, and ensuring that future generations of young women have more and more opportunities to succeed in basketball – and beyond.

Jackson’s father raised her to love sports and that passion for supporting strong, talented female athletes has stayed with her as a coach. And the coach says things are changing on the court for female players, as girls get more access to trainers, courts, gyms and leagues at a younger age.

“You’re starting to see more parity in the college game,” she said. “The best players aren’t just going to the best two-to-three programs. They’re choosing schools for different reasons and taking the opportunity to build programs. It’s exciting and gives people a reason to watch. Rightfully so, women are being seen for the athletes they are.”

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Featured image: Head women’s basketball coach Candice M. Jackson. (Photo by Marquise Pointer)