Got a bad back, a stiff neck or a sore knee? Wondering how to use a weight machine correctly or how to get the most out of your workout? Or maybe you just want to know where to start when it comes to fitness.

Faculty and staff have exclusive access to personalized help with these and many other exercise and health/wellness concerns every Tuesday at noon, when Sara Coleman ’17 is at their service in the Johnson Center at 30 George Street.

“For that hour, I am their personal trainer/strength and conditioning coach/corrective exercise specialist,” says Coleman, a certified food scientist; ACE–, NASM– and ACSM–certified personal trainer; and M.S. candidate in health, exercise and sports science at The Citadel. “I am there to answer questions or concerns about exercise, exercise programs, foam rolling techniques – whatever people need. And I can also give some insight on how to use exercise equipment correctly and effectively.”

For more information, contact Sarah Coleman or just show up in the Johnson Center gym on Tuesdays at noon.