More than 400 high school students from across the Southeast will descend on the College of Charleston’s campus this weekend for the annual Math Meet.

Since 1978, the Department of Mathematics has been hosting high schoolers on campus for an innovative and exciting math competition. This year’s meet will take place on Saturday, Feb. 23, 2019. The 2019 theme is about prime numbers – whole numbers divisible by only 1 and themselves – since the date of the competition, 02/23/19, is all prime numbers. 

The meet, which is organized by Associate Professor Garrett Mitchener and Instructor Kate Owens, helps high school teachers throughout the region motivate their students to excel. It also exposes these students to cutting-edge research in mathematics and helps them recognize the role math can play outside the classroom.

A total of 441 high school students from Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina will compete in the daylong event. The competition will include the following activities:

  • Team elimination events with three rounds, the final round being a quiz-bowl format where the final two teams compete against each other on stage.
  • Math Team Relay, where students in a team of four solve problems sequentially.
  • Written tests, which every student takes in the morning.
  • Chemistry Sprint, an individual event for students with a background in chemistry.
  • Physics Sprint, an individual event for students with a background in physics.
  • Physics Brainstorm, a team event for students who will work together to solve physics problems.
  • An Estimation Station, where something needs to be estimated with “The Price is Right” style scoring.
  • Several “All Day Sprints” that students work on throughout the day.

For a complete lineup of events visit the Math Meet website.