The following message from Interim President Stephen C. Osborne ’73 was sent to the campus community on March 7, 2019.

This week, I learned of a social media video that was deeply offensive and featured racist statements that made light of our country’s historical wrongs regarding slavery. These disturbing comments run completely counter to our core values of integrity, respect for the individual student, diversity and community.

The College’s Division of Student Affairs is investigating this incident and is taking appropriate action in accordance with the College’s Student Code of Conduct.

Let me be clear: When people join our College of Charleston community as a student, as a faculty member or as a staff member, we all make a commitment that we will treat each other with respect, dignity and kindness. That is what we teach inside and outside the classroom every day. That is what we, as an institution, expect of you as students, faculty and staff.

We have been working hard to advance diversity and inclusion on campus, and that’s why incidents like this are so disappointing. We will not let this incident deter us from making more strides on our campus. Our shared work towards being a safe, more inclusive and diverse community continues.





Stephen C. Osborne ’73

Interim President, College of Charleston