Richard Maclean, a 1988 College of Charleston School of Business graduate and co-founder and managing partner of Frontier Capital, is establishing the Maclean Business “Ready to Work” Scholarship with an initial commitment of $150,000.

Richard Maclean

The scholarship strives to inspire undeclared rising sophomores to commit to earning a degree within the School of Business – affording them the opportunity to gain the practical knowledge and professional development training to succeed after graduation.

Through the scholarship, recipients will maximize their time at the business school and gain valuable experiences both inside and outside the classroom. This early commitment to experiential learning is valued by potential employers and will increase student employment prospects in an increasingly competitive job market.

“It is very important to be an effective self-marketer when presenting your candidacy to potential employers,” says Maclean. “Relevant internships, study abroad programs, volunteering and work experience are an important way to stand out from the crowd. Our goal is to encourage an early commitment to the School of Business after freshman year so that students have a three-year window to be their most marketable after graduation.”

And being job ready is essential.

“The Maclean Business ‘Ready to Work’ Scholarship is crucial to providing students with the opportunity for experiential learning prior to graduation,” says Alan T. Shao, dean of the School of Business. “Oftentimes, it is these types of experiences that prove to be a deciding factor for whether or not students get job offers after graduation. We cannot thank Richard enough for supporting our ready-to-work business theme at the School of Business.”

Professor of Finance and Investment Program Director Mark Pyles also praises the impact of Maclean’s gift.

“Frontier Capital has employed both graduates and interns from the College’s School of Business,” says Pyles. “As a result, Richard and his firm have seen firsthand the quality of talent being developed at the College of Charleston School of Business. We appreciate his support in continuing to provide our students with financial support and networking opportunities.”

The Maclean Business “Ready to Work” Scholarship will initially target three rising sophomores each year with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 who are committed to seeking career-enhancing opportunities, such as internships, starting the summer after their freshman year and continuing until graduation. The scholarship will provide $5,000 annually with a total grant of up to $15,000 over three years. In addition to financial support, the scholarship will also offer networking opportunities for both current and former recipients.