Spring is a time of new beginnings – and, for the 39 faculty members who joined the College of Charleston this semester, this spring is the start of something great. The College is proud to welcome such a high caliber of professionals to its community and looks forward to getting to know all of them better.

Below is the full list of new faculty members at the College for the spring 2019 semester (arranged alphabetically):

Scott Ashley, Department of Theatre and Dance

Preston Barbare, Department of Computer Science

Jody M. Beers, Department of Biology

Jennifer Bevan, Community Planning and Development Program

April Borkman, Public Health Program

Timothy Buttram, Department of Communication

Brian Byrne, Department of Computer Science

D.J. Connor, Department of Physics and Astronomy

Mohammed Iqbal Degia, International Studies Program

Jessica Dimondstein, Department of Hispanic Studies

Anthony S. Dixon, Department of Teacher Education

Gemunu Ekanayake, Department of Physics and Astronomy

Jami Garrard, Department of Teacher Education

Reza Ghaffari, Department of Computer Science

Jennifer Graham, Department of Teacher Education

Bonnie Grant, Historic Preservation and Community Planning Program

Caroline Guthrie, Department of Communication

Corey Heyward, Department of Sociology and Anthropology

Tristan Hill, Department of Hispanic Studies

Jeffrey Hudson, Department of Management and Marketing

Vince Iwinski, Arts Management Program

Molly Kalb, Department of Physics and Astronomy

Michael Keating, Environmental Studies Program

Landon Knapp, Department of Geology and Environmental Geosciences

Lori Kornegay, Arts Management Program

Christopher Liberatos, Community Planning and Development Program

Josh Lowder, Department of English

Stacey Nutt, Department of Finance

Brice O’Brien, Department of Management and Marketing

Carol Rasnic, Department of Political Science

David Richardson, Department of Music

Sherae Rimpsey, Arts Management Program

Janice J. Rossmann, Department of Art and Architectural History

Heather Spalding, Department of Biology

Arlene E. Ventimiglia, Department of Teacher Education

Ellen R. Watson, Department of Finance

William Wert, Department of Health and Human Performance

Connie Jean Williams, Department of Teacher Education

Jay Zeltner, Department of Mathematics