Name: Kristen Hua ’07

Hometown: Charleston, S.C.

Education: B.A. in communication, College of Charleston; M.A. in communications management, Webster University

Job title: Assistant Registrar for Registration and Course/Academic Events Scheduling

How long have you worked at the College? 17 years

What are your job responsibilities? The short answer is that I evaluate and coordinate the course schedule each semester and train departmental support personnel in course scheduling and registration procedures and policies.

I also serve as the liaison for the registrar’s office, communicating with public safety, Facilities Management and information technology regarding all classroom issues. I manage the schedule for the majority of the classroom spaces on the main campus, including course sections and special events, while ensuring that the state-mandated fire code is not violated regarding capacity.

And, I oversee the Cross Registration Program, which is a consortium agreement that the College has with Charleston Southern University, The Citadel and the Medical University of South Carolina. And finally, I review and process overload requests that allow students to take more than 18 credit hours in one semester.

What do you like most about your job? Anything related to classrooms on campus. Classroom scheduling is a huge puzzle, and I love puzzles. Ensuring that all faculty members have a classroom assignment that they like is tough, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. My responsibilities have definitely evolved over the past few years as they relate to classroom assignments, and the more I delve into this topic, the more I appreciate the work that goes into creating, updating and managing those spaces.

What question do you get asked most in your job and what’s your typical answer? The time of year or semester determines the questions that I get. If student registration is in session, most questions relate to why a student can’t register. Considering that there are different reasons, it’s often tough to pinpoint an answer, but in most cases, it is because they are trying to register before registration actually opens. Registration opens at 8 a.m. EST, and most students try to register at 2 a.m. Most of the emails I receive relate to that.

What’s your favorite location on campus and why? I love the area behind the Addlestone Library. Rivers Green is what I consider the true representation of the College of Charleston experience. No one there is in a hurry to be somewhere, and it is one of the only places where you can see students studying, having a picnic, playing Frisbee, doing yoga, walking their dogs or just enjoying each other’s company. Plus, the building is beautiful.

What are your hobbies? I love puzzles, action movies, and Zumba has turned into sort of an addiction for me.

What personal and/or professional accomplishment are you most proud of? I finished my master’s degree this past December. Doing that while working full time and having a family to care for was challenging and exhausting, which made it even more of an accomplishment.

Name a creative work (book, movie, performance, etc.) you enjoyed recently and why? I’ve been pretty focused on school for the past year, so I didn’t get out much or have time to read.

What was your favorite TV show growing up? Wow, I watched so many and don’t really have a favorite, but I never missed an episode of Boy Meets World, Saved by the Bell, Family Matters, Full House, Sister Sister or Moesha. I am also a die-hard professional wrestling fan.

What’s next on your bucket list? If only there were enough hours in the day, I’d actually write one.

What is something your campus colleagues would be surprised to know about you? Most would be surprised to know that I love tattoos. I think that they are creative and beautiful, and oh, I have nine of them!

What was your first job? I had two jobs simultaneously during my freshman year of college – a file clerk for the Charleston County School District and student worker for the registrar’s office at the College of Charleston.

What’s your favorite Lowcountry restaurant? My favorite restaurant closed a year ago: Lana Restaurant and Bar. I have yet to find one that I would compare to it. The food and service was always wonderful and reasonably priced.

Describe your perfect day: As a wife, mother of two and a full-time employee, I’d say my perfect day involves doing absolutely nothing. A day when I stay home in my pajamas; order delivery for breakfast, lunch and dinner; and binge-watch movies.

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