Batter up!

It’s time for faculty and staff to meet at the diamond for the 2019 edition of the College of Charleston Faculty/Staff Summer Softball League. Teams should register with Freddie Lipata, assistant director of Campus Recreation Services (CRS), by Wednesday, May 15, 2019.

“I am not sure what it is, but lacing up the cleats, finding out where you are listed in the batting order – oh, and that beautiful field: Well, who can’t get excited about that?” says CRS director Gene Sessoms. “Sure, there is some spirited competition, but at the end of the day, you made a few new friends and have a story or two to add to your list of tall tales.”

Need more information before you go up to bat for your team? Sessoms answers everything you want to know in this Q&A:

When and where do the games take place?

The league runs from May 20 to the end of June, with games from 5:30–6: 45 p.m. on Mondays–Thursdays at Patriots Point.

I’d like to play but I don’t have any equipment.

CRS will provide softball gloves, bats and balls.

What’s with the wood bats?

Nostalgia. No, more importantly: It was an effort aimed at player safety and a way to keep the ball in the park.

It has been several years since I played. What caliber of skill do I need to play in this league?

We are looking at offering some fun and a shared experience with your colleagues. As with any team sport, there will be a considerable range of skill on display.

I want to play but there are only three of us in our group.

We will do our best to form a team of free agents or try to get you placed on an existing team.

Is this going to cost anything?

Probably not, though we regard your time as a precious commodity.

Must the teams be coed?

After several years of trying to get a coed league established we realize that the teams are not necessarily interested in this option. (So, no.)

What kind of softball league is planned?

ASA rules are used, but there are modifications. Substitution rules, for example, permit players to move in and out of the game at any time. Nine players are positioned in the field, but more than nine are permitted to bat.

Who umpires the games?

The games are self-officiated. The players are responsible for arriving at the correct decision on all plays. After all, isn’t there a “little umpire” in all of us?

Are teams expected to have uniforms?

Not at all, though last year’s bunch were very creative in their attire.

Can my spouse participate?

Yes, your spouse may play. Other family members are not permitted to participate.

How do I sign up?

Email Freddie Lipata, by May 15 with the following information:

  • Names of your team members
  • Name and contact information for your team captain
  • List of all available times your team can play
  • Whether or not your team wishes to play more than one game a week
  • Whether or not your team is interested in playing a doubleheader

Those who wish to participate but don’t have a team to join don’t have to strike out on their own: They can simply let Lipata know they’re interested, and he’ll get the ball rolling!