Annual Staff Celebration Set for June 12

Annual Staff Celebration Set for June 12

The College of Charleston’s annual Staff Celebration Lunch and Staff Awards Presentation is scheduled for 11:30 a.m. – 1:15 p.m. on June 12, 2019, in the TD Arena McAlister Hospitality Suite.

Organized by the Staff Advisory Committee to the President (SAC), this annual event brings staff together for food, fellowship and festivities (raffles, prizes and the Cougar Quiz Show) while also recognizing the hard work and dedication of the employees nominated by their colleagues for the annual Staff Awards.

The nominees for the 2019 Staff Awards are listed below under their respective award category.

Permanent Staff Employee of the Year ($1,500 prize for the primary recipient and $500 prize to four additional recipients):

Dave Aurich

Chris Bailey

Jerry Baker

Andrew Bettis

Erin Blevins

Will Breard

Gil Cereno

Mouna DiBenedetto

Cheryl Drum

Katie H. Ford

Cassandra Foster

Michelle Futrell

Brandi Gladden

Susan Gourdin

Marilee Henry

Joy Heinzman

Damaris Hill-Jones

Katie Hiott

Christian Johnson

Lance Laidlaw

Sharon McKenzie

Katie Monk

Leya Nelson

José Perales

Christine Rodgers

Cam Saleeby

Hayden Smith

Marilee Smith

Ellen Swick

Mark Swick

Marci Walton

Marcia White

Shamone White

Kristin Wichmann

Markus Williams

Sarah Wuigk

Temporary Staff Employee of the Year ($1,500 prize for the primary recipient and $500 prize to two additional recipients):

Sarah Deris

Jimmie Lynn Dove

Brittany Duncan

Percival Haas

Kaylee Lass

Leroy Lewis

Alexandra Lile

Claire Long

Robert Maynor

Leigh McAlpin

Connelly Rhodin

Remy Starker

Outstanding Staff Member Presidential Service Award ($1,500 prize for the recipient):

Dave Aurich

Stephanie Auwaerter

Mary Bergstrom

Andrew Bettis

Will Breard

Katie Ford

Silvia Youssef Hanna

Sharon McKenzie

Leya Nelson

Marla Robertson

Kevin Stephens

Greg Townsley

All awardees are selected by the president with input from SAC members and the relevant executive/senior vice president.

To be a contestant in the Cougar Quiz Show, email SAC.

Featured image: Staff show their Cougar pride at the 2018 Staff Celebration Lunch. (Photo by Mike Ledford)