College of Charleston “In the News” is a weekly round-up of news articles featuring College faculty, staff, students or alumni. Recent media coverage of the College includes:

USA Today, Southern Living, Associated Press and The Post and Courier quote paleontologist Robert Boessenecker in a story about an ancient oyster shell found on Folly Beach.

Mount Pleasant’s leaders united to curb growth, but now division reigns as elections near

Political science professor Gibbs Knotts talks to The Post and Courier about Mount Pleasant politics.

Gardening volunteers tend to cemeteries in Charleston and around the country

The Post and Courier quotes historic preservation professor Frances Ford in a story about cemeteries.

When something named ‘liberal’ really isn’t

Political science professor Gibbs Knotts is quoted in The Greenwood Index-Journal in a column about the word “liberal.”

What to Expect This Hurricane Season

Physics professors Lee Lindner and Gabriel Williams talk about hurricane season in a story appearing in The Charleston Chronicle.

From Sharks to Medicine in Mars: Grants fund variety of College of Charleston student research

Lowcountry Biz looks at research being conducted by CofC students.

Earthquake mapping takes flight over Charleston

WCIV-TV interviews geology professor Scott Harris about a new way to map earthquake areas.

This College of Charleston student and pilot flies to save animals’ lives in her free time

The Post and Courier has the story of CofC student Samantha Bledsoe and her work to care for animals as an airplane pilot.

‘I wanted to lose myself in something:’ Why childhood hobbies can make for emotionally-stable adults

Teacher Education department chair Anne Gutshall talks to The Post and Courier about hobbies.