Working at the College of Charleston is more than a job. Besides being the place where you put in your time, energy, effort and expertise – it’s also where you come for community, fulfillment and purpose. That’s why CofC’s employees give more than just their time and talent.

And the 2019 Faculty and Staff Giving Drive is one way employees can show they’re invested in the CofC community. The drive, which launched on Sept. 10, 2019, seeks to build on the momentum of the College’s upcoming 250th anniversary with a goal of raising faculty and staff participation by 2.5 percent in honor of the institution’s 2.5 centuries of educational excellence.

The 2018 Faculty and Staff Giving Drive hit a new high with 25 percent of faculty and staff participating. That’s important because corporations and foundations consider faculty and staff giving rates when determining their own support for the College.

Because we measure the impact of faculty and staff giving by the percentage of participation, no gift is too small. Each and every gift truly makes an impact on both our participation goal and, more importantly, our students’ lives. Gifts can be made to any of the 1,000+ funds available via payroll deduction, online giving or check (please deliver to the Sottile House). The 2019 Faculty and Staff Giving Drive lasts throughout the entire academic year.

For more information on the drive visit the Faculty and Staff Giving Drive website.