October Is Open Enrollment for Insurance Benefits

Rock Enroll PEBAThe open enrollment period for PEBA Insurance benefits is October 1–31, 2019. During open enrollment, permanent full-time employees who are currently eligible for insurance benefits may change their coverage for the following year.

With the theme of “Rock Enroll 2019,” PEBA has created the “2020 Open Enrollment Playlist,” which describes the changes that can be made during the open enrollment period. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Health Insurance: You may change from one health plan to another, enroll yourself or any eligible dependents and drop health coverage for yourself or any dependents. Review the comparison chart flyer or refer to the 2020 Insurance Benefits Guide for more detailed information. Please note, if you are enrolling in a health plan for the first time, you will need to complete the Certification Regarding Tobacco Use form.
  • Dental Insurance: You may enroll in or drop Basic Dental/Dental Plus for yourself and/or your eligible dependents. More information is available here: Comparing Dental Plus and Basic Dental.
  • Vision Insurance: You may enroll in or drop the State Vision Plan coverage for yourself and/or your eligible dependents.
  • Additional Life Insurance: You may enroll in or drop Dependent Life–Child coverage. You may also drop or decrease Optional Life and/or Dependent Life–Spouse coverage. And, with medical evidence, you may enroll in or increase Optional Life coverage and/or Dependent Life–Spouse coverage. To do so, please contact a benefit counselor in Human Resources, Julie Birt or Kisha Galloway, for further instruction.
  • MoneyPlus: You may enroll in or cancel the MoneyPlus Pretax Group Insurance Premium feature. You may also enroll in or drop a Health Savings Account and re-enroll, enroll or drop the following flexible spending accounts: Medical Spending, Limited-use Spending and Dependent Care Spending.

Employees are encouraged to review their current coverage, the 2020 monthly insurance premiums for active subscribers and their open enrollment options on the PEBA Insurance website. If satisfied with your current coverage, no action is required.

There are three ways to make changes during the open enrollment period:

  1. MyBenefits: Log onto MyBenefits and make changes online. You will need to register if you don’t already have a MyBenefits account. Learn how to register through this benefits flyer. After making your enrollment changes online, be sure to print the confirmation page for your records.
  2. Notice of Election (NOE) FormComplete the NOE form, marking only the changes you are going to make in the “Coverage” section of the form and listing all your covered dependents in the “Dependents” section. Send the completed form to Human Resources.
  3. Human Resources Benefits Counselor: Contact either Julie Birt or Kisha Galloway: 843.953.5512.

Please note: If you add a family member to your coverage, you must document his/her relationship to you and send the copied documents to Human Resources.

Any changes made during open enrollment take effect January 1, 2020. If you need assistance, please contact a benefit counselor in Human Resources, Julie Birt or Kisha Galloway at 843.953.5512.