College of Charleston “In the News” is a weekly round-up of news articles featuring College faculty, staff, students or alumni. Recent media coverage of the College includes:

A South Carolina Democrat’s Impeachment Holdout

Political science professor Gibbs Knotts talks about South Carolina politics on NPR’s All Things Considered.

Faster-Than-Light Travel Could Explain Mysterious Signals Beaming Through the Cosmos

Live Science writes about astrophysicist Jon Hakkila’s latest research.

C of C’s president

A Post and Courier letter to the editor praises President Andrew T. Hsu.

Who shined, who fell flat in the fourth 2020 Democratic presidential primary debate?

The State asks political scientist Gibbs Knotts to review the recent presidential debate.

Some SC colleges exempt from anti-discrimination law, leaving LGBTQ students vulnerable

Political science professor Claire Wofford talks to The Post and Courier about discrimination.

Letters, cards to Emanuel AME after 2015 shooting being archived by SC Historical Society

WCIV-TV reports on items to be archived at the Addlestone Library.

College of Charleston’s Center for Creative Retirement Scholarship Focuses on Gerontology

Charleston CEO has a look at a CofC scholarship.

“Don’t blame the game” | Lowcountry Fortnite players react to video game addiction lawsuit

WCIV-TV talks to CofC students about the video game Fortnite.

College of Charleston to hold Fall Alumni Weekend 2019

Lowcountry Biz has a look at the upcoming Fall Alumni Weekend.

SC police using DNA to sketch cold-case suspects, but some say it’s not accurate enough

Biology professor Chris Korey is interviewed by The Post and Courier about DNA.

Charleston mayoral race: $1.7 million raised, lots of TV ads and flooding discussions

Political science professor Gibbs Knotts talks to The Post and Courier about money in politics.