CofC Welcomes New Staff

CofC Welcomes New Staff

The College of Charleston family continues to grow with the addition of these new staff members from all across campus. From a therapy dog to a herd of bison – and everything in between – these new employees (listed alphabetically below) bring a great, fresh energy to campus.

Kathy Crosby

Kathy Crosby, Information Technology

Kathy Crosby
Project Manager, Enterprise Systems, Division of Information Technology

Background: I have an eclectic background and have worked for a local (Austin, Texas) school district, Dell Computers and the State of Texas, and small startups.

Interests: My dog Barlee and I are a pet therapy team at MUSC [Medical University of South Carolina] – he spends a lot of time curled up in bed with patients. Also, I’m a knitter, an avid reader and I love to cook.

Looking Ahead: Everything!






Jonathan Cundiff

Jonathan Cundiff, Information Technology

Jonathan Cundiff
Senior Network Security Engineer, Division of Information Technology

Background: I am originally from Surfside Beach, South Carolina, which is about 15 minutes south of Myrtle Beach. I came to the College of Charleston for grad school and began working in IT as a graduate assistant in 2014.

Interests: I like athletic activities: working out, playing basketball, playing softball in the College’s summer league. Fun Fact: A group of friends and I have a farm with a small herd of bison in the upstate.

Looking Ahead: I have already been working at CofC for the past five years, but I really enjoy being in the heart of downtown and all of the people that I work with.




Wallace Henderson

Wallace Henderson, Information Technology

Wallace Henderson
IAM/Office 365 Administrator, Enterprise Systems, Information Technology

Background: I’ve spent the last several years doing IAM work with BlueCross BlueShield of S.C. in Columbia. Previously I was in the Washington, D.C., metro area working with numerous nonprofits and professional offices as an employee for a managed service provider (outsourced IT) in that region.

Interests: I enjoy light reading, technical and historical documentaries, and am fond of most card, board and video games.

Looking Ahead: The lively atmosphere and the wide range of sights, sounds and people that I will interact with daily.




Ayana Johnson

Ayana Johnson, Multicultural Student Center

Ayana Johnson
Administrative and Support Services Specialist, Office of Multicultural Student Programs and Services

Background: I’m from Brooklyn, New York. I was working at Facilities Management in the Recycling Shop.

Interests: In my spare time I like to watch Discovery ID channel all day and eat – but in the real world I have three amazing sons who I spend my time with.

Looking Ahead: Learning!!! I enjoy learning new things and meeting new people.






Kristen Murphy

Kristen Murphy ’13, Center for International Education

Kristen Murphy ’13
Administrative Coordinator, Center for International Education

Background: I attended CofC for undergrad, where I eventually met my now husband. After graduating, we moved back to New England (New Hampshire) to be closer to family while my husband was studying to be a CPA. I worked at Dartmouth College in the registrar’s office for the last three plus years before my husband, dog and I decided to move back to Charleston this September.

Interests: I love to spend time outside, whether it is in the mountains or on the beach. (I just prefer warmer weather than New England most days!) We like to find hiking or nature trails to take our dog Clover on – or take her to Folly to splash in the ocean. We travel a lot (with and without Clover). Within the last year we checked off some bucket list trips to Italy; Sedona, Arizona; and the Grand Canyon.

Looking Ahead: I am so glad to return to my alma mater. In the first couple of days it has been interesting to walk past some of my previous professors on the sidewalk! In this position specifically, I am looking forward to expanding my experience in advising students and building relationships with CofC students.


Evie Palmisano

Evie Palmisano ’16, Sottile Theatre

Evie Palmisano ’16
Assistant Technical Director, Sottile Theatre

Background: I’m originally from Charlotte, North Carolina, but I came to CofC for my undergrad. I started working at the Sottile my senior year and I fell in love with the space. I knew this was where I wanted to grow my career, and I consider myself very lucky to have made it this far.

Interests: In my free time I like to visit my siblings in Columbia and Charlotte; we’re a pretty close family, so we usually get together a few times a month to cook out and play games. I also enjoy reading, so I have a pretty sizable collection of books and comics.

Looking Ahead: I am beyond excited to work more closely with the amazing team of women who run the Sottile, and I’m excited for what the theater will be like after the renovation is complete!


Hung Vo

Hung Vo ’07, Procurement

Hung Vo ’07
Application Analyst, Office of Procurement and Supply Services

Background: I am from Boston, Massachusetts, and I have been living in Charleston since 2003. In 2007, I graduated at the College of Charleston with a bachelor of science in business administration. After college, I landed my first professional job in the health care industry. Starting in 2012, I worked for the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) as a business analyst for seven years.

Interests: I enjoy traveling, hiking, snowboarding, surfing, working out and swing dancing.

Looking Ahead: I am looking forward to being back to my college campus and giving back to my alma mater.