College of Charleston President Andrew T. Hsu sent the following message to students on March 22, 2020: 

Dear Students:

Tomorrow, Monday, March 23, marks the first day of our online coursework for the rest of the spring semester.

I know the e-learning environment is a huge departure from what we expected at the start of the year. I appreciate everyone’s willingness to make the most of a very difficult and confusing situation.

As a university, we will stay committed, even in the most trying times, to our mission of education. It is my true belief that the world’s many problems – environmental disasters, political turmoil, even pandemics like the one we are facing at this time – can only be solved through education. Your learning is the key to unlocking the answers we need, now and in the future.

No one chooses to live in historic times. But, we do have a choice on how we act in them. I encourage everyone to do your best to focus on your studies and engage in your coursework as best you can.

In our 250-year history, there are many remarkable men and women who were pioneers of thinking and of race, gender, ethnicity and sexual orientation and identity. Today, we need to draw on the same stuff that made them history makers: their inner strength and tenacity. We need to turn to them for inspiration so that we, too, can persevere now and inspire those after us with our own courage in the face of uncertainty.

If you have any problems during this e-learning period, please reach out to your professors or contact our student affairs team. Be sure to take advantage of several digital resources, such as our academic continuity site and the library online site.

Although we may not be with you in person, everyone at the College is still working to make your educational experience as best as it can be. Remember, wherever you may be, stay positive, be kind and be patient with one another. And please take care of yourself: practice good hygiene, maintain social distancing and seek medical treatment if you are sick.

Although we are physically separated from one another right now, we, as a campus community, are together, always. Go, Cougars!



Andrew T. Hsu, Ph.D.
College of Charleston