College of Charleston “In the News” is a weekly roundup of news articles featuring College faculty, staff, students or alumni. Recent media coverage of the College includes:

Trump’s outrageous suggestion comes with a dark history

History professor Jacob Steere-Williams writes an op-ed on CNN concerning past pandemics.

How coronavirus helped TikTok find its voice

Communication professor Ryan Milner is quoted in a story about Tik Tok in The Guardian.

Coronavirus will reshape your next trip, for better or worse. Here’s what to expect

Hospitality and tourism professor Wayne Smith talks to USA Today about changes in vacation travel because of COVID-19.

Analysis: What FEC reports tell us about South Carolina’s Democratic presidential primary

 The Post and Courier talks to political professor Gibbs Knotts about spending during the recent South Carolina primary.

Commentary: Charleston learned the hard way what happens when you end a quarantine too soon

History professor Jacob Steere-Williams writes an op-ed in The Post and Courier about Charleston and past pandemics.


The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that Suzanne Austin will be the new CofC provost.

College of Charleston Seniors reflect on their last semester of college in quarantine

Some CofC seniors talk to WCBD-TV about finishing up their last week of final exams.

 Coronavirus Causes Uncertainty for South Carolina’s State and Local Governments

South Carolina Public Radio interviews hospitality and tourism professor Wayne Smith about COVID-19 impacts on state tourism.

What you Need to Know About your Stimulus Check

Business professor Tom Spade answers questions from WTAT-TV about the federal stimulus check program.

President Hsu, Hoosier Zoom in for Cougar Countdown’s virtual launch

WCIV-TV looks at the online events planned for Cougar Countdown.

Teaching is all about the academics now, relationships with students slipping away

Education professor Anne Gutshall talks to The City Paper about online learning for young students.

College of Charleston Students, Professors Adapt to New Normal of Online Learning

WCIV-TV reports that CofC students and professors are adapting to e-learning.