Undergraduate Class of 2020

Graduate Class of 2020

Undergraduate Class of 2020: By the Numbers*

18Students graduating with top honors
14Students graduating with A.B. degrees
19Youngest graduate
52Oldest graduate
40States and territories (including Washington D.C.) represented
15Countries represented (in addition to U.S.)
143School of the Arts graduates
371School of Business graduates
262School of Education, Health, and Human Performance graduates
436School of Humanities and Social Sciences graduates
68School of Languages, Cultures, and World Affairs graduates
258School of Sciences and Mathematics graduates
11School of Professional Studies graduates

* Numbers may change once final grades for spring 2020 are posted.

Top Majors

Business administration: 113 students
Communication: 112 students
Biology: 108 students
Public Health: 105 students
Political Science: 92 students

graduates throw diplomas in the air

Undergraduate Class of 2020: Honors College by the Numbers

  • 112 Students in the Class of 2020
  • 6 students are graduating with top honors, a perfect 4.0 GPA, and are the recipients of the John Lewis Gervais, Jr. Award
  • 1 student is the recipient of the Bishop Robert Smith Award, the College’s highest award
  • 1 student is the recipient of the Alexander Chambliss Connelley Award
  • 2 students are the recipients of the Ted Stern Cup Award
  • 3 students are recognized in the Higdon Student Leadership Center’s Hall of Leaders
  • 1 student is the recipient of a Cistern Award 
  • 2 students are ExCEL Award recipients
  • 4 students are graduating in three years
  • 27  students are members of the William Aiken Fellows Society
  • 8 students are International Scholars
  • 10 students are Swanson Scholars; 1 is Huge Scholar; 8 are Boykin Scholars; 2 are Colonial Scholars; 1 is a Julia Sadler Webb Scholar; 1 is a W. Lloyd Hamm Scholar; 1 is a Jill Conway Scholar; 1 is a Pinckney Scholar. 
  • 6 students are varsity student-athletes
  • 35 double majors
  • 1 triple major
  • 56 majors in the School of Sciences and Mathematics
  • 28 majors in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • 18 majors in the School of Business
  • 17 majors in the School of Languages Cultures and World Affairs
  • 5 majors in the School of the Arts
  • 7 majors in the School of Education, Health and Human Performance
  • 93 percent of Honors College students received Latin honors
  • 30 percent of students will graduate summa cum laude
  • 29 percent of students will graduate magna cum laude
  • 33 percent of students will graduate cum laude
  • 1 student was awarded Fulbright Grant and student is currently an alternate
  • 2 students were named Goldwater Scholars 
  • 1 student was named a Rhodes Scholarship finalist 
  • 1 student received a Boren Scholarship 
  • 1 student received a Harvard Public Policy Leadership Conference Award 
  • students received a Critical Language Scholarship
  • 58 percent of students had at least one international experience 
  • 100 percent of students participated in local community service
  • 100 percent of students completed mentored research projects; 49 percent of students presented at a professional or academic conference; and 24 percent of students have published their research 
  • 86 percent of students participated in an internship and/or another relevant professional experience
  • 31 percent of students have been admitted to a graduate or professional school and plan to enroll41 percent have a job offer and plan to enter the workforce 

Undergraduate Class of 2020: Award Winners

  • Bishop Robert Smith Award 
    Niamh Cahill
  • Ted Stern Cup Award
    Olivia Rothstein
    Asia Pitts
  • Alexander Chambliss Connelley Award
    Abbie Klein

Graduate Class of 2020: By the Numbers

94Master’s degree and graduate certificate candidates
4M.A. in Communication
3M.A. in Community Planning, Policy, and Design
1M.A. in English
3M.A. in History
3M.A.T. in Early Childhood Education
3M.A.T. in Elementary Education
3M.A.T. in Performing Arts Education
2M.Ed. in Science and Mathematics for Teachers
4M.Ed. in Teaching, Learning and Advocacy
45Master of Business Administration
7Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing
12Master of Public Administration
4M.S. in Accountancy
1M.S. in Child Life
7M.S. in Computer and Information Science
5M.S. in Environmental Studies
6M.S. in Historic Preservation
10M.S. in Mathematical Sciences
11M.S. in Marine Biology
3Arts and Cultural Management Graduate Certificate
1English to Speakers of Other Languages Graduate Certificate
1Urban and Regional Planning Graduate Certificate

Graduate Class of 2020: Award Winners

Outstanding Graduate Students

  • M.S. in Accountancy – Cory Harberg
  • M.F.A. in Creative Writing – Matthew Manco and Katrina Smolinsky
  • M.A. in Communication – Nicole Russo
  • M.A. in Community Planning, Policy, and Design – Alexandra Heath and Anne Howell
  • M.S. in Computer and Information Sciences – Paul Baier
  • M.A.T. in Early Childhood Education – James Kelsey
  • M.A.T. in Elementary Education – Donya Amer
  • M.A.T. in Performing Arts Education – Bailey Mann
  • M.Ed. in Science and Math for Teachers – Heather Crider
  • M.Ed. in Teaching, Learning and Advocacy – Emily Adedon
  • M.S. in Environmental Studies and Sustainability Studies – Luz Agudelo and Taylor Miller
  • M.A. in English – Sarah Davis
  • M.A. in History – Carolyn Yarbrough
  • M.S. in Marine Biology – David Jones
  • M.S. in Mathematical Sciences – Ashley Carroll, Jolie Even, Colin Frazier, Zach Wirszyla and Katy Wrenn
  • Master of Public Administration – Amanda Henderson
  • Graduate Certificate in Arts and Cultural Management – Michaela Abbott and William Greene
  • Graduate Certificate in Urban and Regional Planning – Michael Haire