Need a little routine in your life right now? How about a little fitness? You’re in luck: Cougar Fit is back!

Beginning Tuesday, May 19, through the end of June, 2020, Campus Recreation Services (CRS) is offering the free circuit training/HIIT–based class dedicated solely to faculty and staff from 5:15 to 6 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays live via Zoom.

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Providing a fitness challenge while emphasizing injury prevention through correct form and technique, Cougar Fit is for faculty and staff at all fitness levels. And, this new, virtual version of the class does not require equipment.

“The workouts are all designed with the limitations of working out at home in mind,” says Fitness Coordinator Sara Coleman ’17, who is leading the classes, noting that the live Cougar Fit sessions are recorded so that faculty and staff may access them at any time on demand. “I’m excited for people to see how much they can do from the comfort of their own home!”

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To sign up for a Cougar Fit session, visit the CRS group fitness website. You will then receive an email approximately 10 minutes prior to class starting with your Zoom link for the session, as well as warmup and cool-down exercises and various stretch programs to use before and after workout sessions. You will also be given automatic access to the Faculty and Staff Fitness group in Teams, where all the recorded Cougar Fit sessions, as well as additional workouts, tips and fitness facts, will be available.

More information is available on CRS’ Faculty and Staff Fitness Program website. For further questions or to be added to the Faculty and Staff Fitness group in Teams, email Bucky Buchanan ’08, assistant director of fitness.