The Center for Student Learning (CSL) earlier this spring celebrated its first-ever cohort of tutors to complete the Tutor Advancement Program (TAP).

“Part of the CSL’s mission is to provide opportunities where peer educators (such as tutors) may increase their knowledge and skills in a way that is beneficial for them in their work in the CSL and beyond,” says Abe Saunders, CSL associate director. “We want to promote student leadership and development through peer education experiences. The goal is for TAP participants to become more effective tutors. But we are also committed to helping their tutor experience benefit their academic and professional goals. Knowledge and skills that our tutors develop through this program can be invaluable to their future success.”

TAP is a small, cohort-based training model where interested tutors can develop key tutor training skills such as active listening, role modeling successful study strategies and fostering growth mindset when working with students. In all, nine student-tutors completed either an advanced- or master-level TAP designation.

CSL tutors who earned a TAP master designation include:

  • Arianna Alvarado-Garcia (Foreign Language Lab – Portuguese and Spanish)
  • Hussain Bhagat (Science Lab – Chemistry and Biology)
  • Cayla Cain (Psychology)
  • Elizabeth Lathan (Writing Lab)
  • Coleman Murphy (Writing Lab)

Tutors who earned a TAP advanced designation include:

  • Ryan Ahuja (Foreign Language Lab – French)
  • Courtney Brown (Writing Lab)
  • Chloe Mattila (Math Lab)
  • Sabrina Maria Safie Miguel (Foreign Language Lab – Spanish)

The center is the largest student employer on campus with approximately 160 student employees, including around 120 tutors, 30 supplemental instruction leaders and five peer academic coaches. The center is currently open to support students during online summer courses in subjects including Spanish, chemistry and accounting, among others. Visit the center’s website for more information on summer services.

All tutors receive six hours of required training before they begin tutoring. Then, those who desire to expand on those skills during the semester, may enroll in TAP, which runs over seven weeks during the fall and spring semesters. Students who enroll in the TAP program may receive designation at either the advanced or master level.