College of Charleston orientation interns have been busy over the past month guiding incoming students through virtual orientation. Despite the physical distance of the online sessions, these passionate student-leaders have remained dedicated to welcoming the Class of 2024 and showing them what it means to be a Cougar.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the College’s first-ever virtual orientation sessions. Clyde, indeed, has pride for these hardworking and innovative Cougars!

Student orientation leaders guide incoming students through orientation online. Due to the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic all campus activities were cancelled over the summer. Orientation students each had their own office to work in in Maybank Hall so that they could remove their masks when alone.

Orientation interns each had their own offices in Maybank Hall on the College’s campus so that they could remove their masks when alone. These campus offices gave the interns more privacy to chat with incoming students and a chance to offer them sage advice from students who have already navigated their first few years of college.

Orientation Students 2020SPECTRA Students 2020

Orientation interns weren’t the only students on campus over the past month. SPECTRA leaders were also on campus supporting incoming African American, Latino, Asian and Native American students with virtual programming. And true to form, both groups of committed Cougars embraced the new normal of wearing a mask and social distancing on campus.

250th Flowerbed underneath the clock where College and Greenway meet.

Grounds crews created a flowerbed honoring the 250th anniversary of the College’s founding at the corner of College Way and Green Way. With the College’s groundbreaking efforts to deliver orientation and SPECTRA programming online amid the coronavirus pandemic, the institution continues to make history.