Don’t be scared to show off your College of Charleston spirit this Halloween. Here are some easy ways you can infuse some spooky CofC pride into your jack-o’-lantern.

Download one of these CofC inspired templates and use the tips below to carve your best pumpkin ever! And remember this if nothing else: Stay in the lines.

Happy Halloween, Cougars!

1. Connect the dots.

Poke dots into the pumpkin using the template so you can create a guide before you begin cutting. And make sure you anchor any smaller pieces you’re carving to a solid part of the pumpkin, so they are securely attached.

a person carves a pumpkin

cofc logo carved on a pumpkin2. Don’t cut all the way through the pumpkin unless you have to.

Make smaller cuts, because you can always cut more. If you cut too much, smaller pieces could end up breaking off. Also, consider shaving off the outer skin of the pumpkin instead of cutting: It can add depth and keep smaller pieces intact.

3. Don’t throw your template away before you’re finished.

Keep your template handy – it is easy to get confused about what you should cut!

4. Light your pumpkin BEFORE you finish.

A lit pumpkin looks different than a dark one, so make your final tweaks with the pumpkin lit. Consider using a light bulb or LED light instead of a candle.