The employee module of DiversityEDU is now available for faculty and staff through CougarEd (

The College piloted DiversityEDU last year as an online diversity seminar for first-year and incoming students. This year all students as well as faculty and staff will be required to complete the program within the academic year, by June 30, 2021.

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The DiversityEDU program for faculty and staff is divided into three parts and focuses on engagement with diversity, communication for inclusion and the influence of unconscious bias. The robust, interactive module is meant to educate faculty and staff about situations they may encounter at the College and how to prepare for them and handle them better.

“When there are these unseen obstacles, you kind of hold back what your strengths might be,” says Rénard Harris, CofC’s vice president of access and inclusion and chief diversity officer. “We want to unleash the beautiful side of ourselves. Those attributes — the ones that make us unique — could really enhance the community.”

To access DiversityEDU, employees may log onto CougarEd and either search for “Faculty and Staff: Personal Skills for a Diverse Campus” or locate the course under “My Courses.”