Above: A Pep Supper event circa the 1970s.

For nearly 100 years, the College of Charleston Pep Supper has been an important part of the College’s Greek Life. It began as a dinner dance in the 1920s, then morphed into skits performed by Greek organizations and is now a spirited dance competition among sororities and fraternities. The tradition serves as a chance for fraternities and sororities to celebrate College of Charleston athletes and give back to the Charleston community by raising funds for a local organization.

This year, the College of Charleston Alumni Association hopes to expand Pep Supper. The Alumni Association is asking Greek alumni to take part in a virtual Alumni Pep Supper competition Nov. 16-20, 2020, to benefit CofC’s Student Emergency Fund. Visit the Alumni Pep Supper website to learn more or donate to the event.

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“Greek alumni of the College have fond memories of the camaraderie of working together to win Pep Supper,” says Ann Pryor ’83, vice president of Alumni Affairs. “And alumni love the College and this Alumni Pep Supper campaign allows us to celebrate a cherished tradition while helping our students.”

Alumni are being asked to donate $5 or more in support of their Greek organization to win Alumni Pep Supper. Three winning organizations will get bragging rights and private VIP areas at the next A Charleston Affair based upon:

  1. Most funds donated
  2. Highest number of donors
  3. Highest percentage of members donating

The goal of the Alumni Pep Supper is to raise money for the Student Emergency Fund, which is being used to keep students enrolled at the College if they face financial crises due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Many students and their family members have lost jobs or been furloughed during the pandemic,” Pryor says. “The Student Emergency Fund is providing essential financial support to help students get through this difficult time.”