Celebrating her 21st year at the College of Charleston, Myra Seaman teaches courses in English literature and culture of the later Middle Ages (1200–1500), medievalisms, and English grammar and history. She has also edited a large number of books and was the founding editor of the award-winning quarterly journal postmedieval. Her new book, Objects of Affection: The Book and the Household in Late Medieval England, is due out in April 2021 and explores late Middle English household manuscripts and the moral ecology collaboratively produced by the people, objects, and nonhuman animals that make up the household.

Having earned a doctorate in English with an emphasis on medieval literature from Claremont (Calif.) Graduate University, Seaman has loved many, many books over the years and struggled to narrow down her favorites. That’s why her Top 10 list actually includes 11 titles. She notes that this is her “Top 10 list for the moment, subject to change at any time.”

Photo by Heather Moran

top 10 book list