The College of Charleston may not have been able to hold its annual back-to-school picnic for faculty and staff this year, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t celebrating and recognizing its employees for their service.

This year, the College is paying tribute to its employees with a little less pomp and circumstance – but with just as much gratitude and commendation as ever for those employees who have served the state of South Carolina for 10, 20, 30, 40 and even 50 years. Each awardee will receive a pin, a certificate and letter from President Andrew T. Hsu as well as a CofC face mask with their number of years of service.

Only one of those masks has a 50 on it. Betty Craig, administrative assistant for the Board of Trustees’ executive administration and institutional resources, has worked at the College 50 years: longer than any other full-time employee.

Betty Craig“I’m happy to do whatever it takes to get the job done, because I really do enjoy it. I love what I do, and the College is just such a great place to work. Let’s just say I don’t mind coming to
work every day.”
– Betty Craig, 50 years at CofC

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Also distinctive is the one mask with a 40 on it, marking this year’s big milestone for Phyllis Singleton, who came to the College of Charleston Controller’s Office 40 years ago and worked in accounts payable and general accounting before becoming an associate controller.

Phyllis Singleton“I have worked my entire career in the Controller’s Office, starting as a temp employee and now as director of payment services. My favorite part of working here at the College has been meeting and making lifelong friends.”
– Phyllis Singleton, 40 years at CofC

A big thank you and congratulations to both Craig and Singleton, and to all of the following faculty and staff members who have big anniversaries this year:

30 Years of Service

Richard Bodek, History
Jeri Cabot, Student Affairs
Wilfred Fields, Building and Equipment Maintenance
Lynda Keller, Multicultural Student Center
Robin LaRocque, Student Affairs
David Mindler, Building and Equipment Maintenance
Andrew Sobiesuo, International Education
Ann Stein, Sociology and Anthropology
Jeffrey Tomlinson, Chemistry

20 Years of Service

Service Award Face Masks

The 2020 service award recipients will receive CofC face masks with their number of years of service.

Erin Beutel, Geology
Michelle (Shelly) Brew, School of Professional Studies
Nancy Bright, IT Administration
Latisha Collins, Controller
Julie Davis, Communication
Stephen Della Lana, German and Russian Studies
Jose Gavidia, Supply Chain & Information Management
Jon Hakkila, Physics
Michael Heagerty, University Marketing
William (Barney) Holt, Institutional Advancement
Thomas Ivey, Mathematics
Darin Junck, Admissions
Brent Laing, Theatre and Dance
Mark Landis, Theatre and Dance
Bill Manaris, Computer Science
Maria Moreira, Hispanic Studies
Mary Moser, Honors College
Sarah Owens, First Year Experience
Silvia Rodriguez Sabater, Hispanic Studies
Amy Rogers, Chemistry
Myra Seaman, English
Derwin Simpson, Financial Assistance and Veteran Affairs
Oleg Smirnov, Mathematics
James Young, Mathematics

10 Years of Service

Iana Anguelova, Mathematics
David Boucher, Chemistry
Laura Brock, Teacher Education
Marshall Brown, School of Business
Jennifer Burbage, Accounting and Legal Studies
Charles Calvert, Theatre and Dance
Joseph Carson, Physics
Heather Chipley, Admissions
Andrew Clark, Biology
Edith Cusack, REACH Program
Donna DuPre, Music
Marcello Forconi, Chemistry
Celeste Granger, Residence Life-Programming
Earl Grant, Athletics
Daniel Greenberg, Psychology
Margaret Hill, School of Business
Tammy Ingram, History
Damaris Jones, Biology
Michael Larsen, Physics
Namjin Lee, Communication
Talim Lessane, Upward Bound
Todd LeVasseur, Religious Studies
Charles Manuelian, Central Energy
Patrick McCarty, Library
Christian Michner, Athletics
James Mobley, Library
Marlene Navor, Athletics
Sarah Robertson, Psychology
Emily Rosko, English
Breanna Roy, Treasurer
Andrew Shedlock, Biology
Jason Vance, Biology
Yiorgos Vassilandonakis, Music
Dawn Willan, Controller