Between the end-of-semester papers, final exams and the holidays – not to mention the coronavirus pandemic and other issues plaguing the nightly news – this is a stressful time to be a student.

But, with a few healthy habits and self-care techniques to fall back on, students can keep their anxiety at bay and approach their studies – and their mental health – in a calm and productive way.

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Members of the College’s peer counseling team, Students 4 Support (S4S), have extensive training in finding ways to cope with stress and reduce anxiety, both for themselves and for the CofC students they assist.

We asked four S4S student volunteers for tips on how to stay grounded and mentally fit through the rest of the semester and the holidays. Here’s what they have to say:

Olivia DixonOlivia Dixon
Sophomore, Psychology Major

“Take time out of each day to listen to your personal needs and do one act of self care a day, such as Zooming with friends.”





Caitlyn Hill
Senior, Public Health Major

“Take five minutes before you go to bed to write one good thing that has happened to you today and one thing that you are thankful for. It can be something as simple as, ‘I had a good breakfast this morning.'”




Meghan DonohueMeghan Donohue
Senior, Studio Art Major

“Always encourage your friends and family and also YOURSELF to seek mental health resources. This might look like you seeking those local resources yourself to be an example for others or checking in with friends with a quick coffee date or text. It could also be educating yourself about mental health from credible sources. Providing resources and talking out loud about mental health in general will help more people than you will ever realize. I also truly believe if every person had a therapist or counselor, the world would be an incredible place.”

Anna Grace GreenhoAnna Grace Greenho
Junior, Psychology Major

“Pay attention to your emotions and how you are feeling, and don’t be afraid to step back from what is right in front of you for a moment to recollect yourself. Take deep breaths and re-center your mind.”