As 2020 comes to a close and we look toward what lies ahead, one thing is certain: After this year, the College of Charleston will never be quite the same.

With some 60 longtime faculty and staff members retiring since May – many of them leaving at the end of this month – there will be quite a few familiar faces missing on campus when we return after the winter break.

But, although they are leaving big shoes to fill, they’re leaving even bigger legacies – and the foundation they’ve built as our friends, colleagues, teachers and leaders will live on at the College and within the campus community.

“We are grateful to all of our employees who are retiring – or have already retired – this year, and we salute them for everything they have done here,” says Ed Pope, vice president of human resources at the College of Charleston. “They certainly deserve a happy and relaxing retirement, and we wish them all the best in the next chapter of their lives.”

To all the following College of Charleston staff and faculty – and to those not listed – congratulations on your retirement!

Myrna Barkoot, Custodial Services
Doryjane Birrer, English
Jeri Cabot, Student Affairs
Cheryl Chapman, Registrar
Heather Chipley, Admissions
Sandy Clark, Custodial Services
Maria Colomina-Garrigos, Hispanic Studies
Cheryl Connor, Copy Center
Martine Cuvillier-Hiers, French-Francophone and Italian Studies
Louise Doire, Religious Studies
Wilfred Fields, Building and Equipment Maintenance
Phyllis Gates, Early Childhood Development
Elizabeth Gladden, Custodial Services
Nathaniel Grampus, Building and Equipment Maintenance
Stevie Grampus, Building and Equipment Maintenance
Charlene Grant, Custodial Services
Debra Hammond, President
Mark Hartley, Supply Chain and Information Management
Mary Ann Hartshorn, Teacher Education
John Hull, Studio Art
Patricia Jenkins, Housing – Custodial
Martin Jones, Mathematics
Denis Keyes, Teacher Education
Laura Lageman, Athletics
Mark Landis, Theatre and Dance
Leo Langley, Patriots Point Maintenance
Edward Lawrence, Building and Equipment Maintenance
Gail Long, Internal Auditor
Rhonda Mack, Management and Marketing
Massimo Maggiari, French-Francophone and Italian Studies
Elizabeth Martinez-Gibson, Hispanic Studies
Anthony Martino, Mail Services
Mary Ann May, Health Services
John McBride, Public Safety
William McCoy, Custodial Services
Theodore McDaniel, Building and Equipment Maintenance
Valerie Morris, School of the Arts
James Mueller, Management and Marketing
Beth Murphy, Academic Affairs
Richard Nunan, Philosophy
Homer Pace, Procurement
Robert Perkins, Teacher Education
Cathy Peebles, Academic Affairs
Jose Perales, Public Safety
Deana Richardson, Admissions
Alexander Sanders, Political Science
Mark Sloan, Halsey Institute
Andrew Sobiesuo, International Education
Christopher Starr, Supply Chain and Information Management
Ann Stein, Sociology and Anthropology
Milton Summers, Central Energy
Julie Swanson, Teacher Education
Jeffrey Tomlinson, Chemistry
Neal Tonks, Chemistry
Michelle VanParys, Studio Art
Marlene Williams, Grounds Maintenance
Idee Winfield, Sociology and Anthropology
Robin Zemp, Music