Undergraduate Class of 2021

Graduate Class of 2021

Undergraduate Class of 2021: By the Numbers*

11Students graduating with top honors
6Students graduating with A.B. degrees
20Youngest graduate
69Oldest graduate
32States and territories (including Washington D.C.) represented
21Countries represented (in addition to U.S.)
131School of the Arts graduates
369School of Business graduates
210School of Education, Health, and Human Performance graduates
398School of Humanities and Social Sciences graduates
85School of Languages, Cultures, and World Affairs graduates
231School of Sciences and Mathematics graduates

* Numbers may change once final grades for spring 2021 are posted.

Top Majors

Communication: 101 students
Biology: 100 students
Psychology: 95 students
Public Health: 86 students
Business Administration: 78 students

Undergraduate Class of 2021: Honors College by the Numbers

  • 91 Students in the Class of 2021
  • 26 are double majors
  • 3 are triple majors
  • 4 students are graduating in three years
  • 43 are majors in the School of Sciences and Mathematics
  • 27 are majors in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • 23 are majors in the School of Business
  • 17 are majors in the School of Languages, Cultures, and World Affairs
  • 7 are majors in the School of the Arts
  • 6 are majors in the School of Education, Health, and Human Performance
  • 93 percent of Honors College students received Latin honors
  • 31 percent of students will graduate summa cum laude
  • 30 percent of students will graduate magna cum laude
  • 33 percent of students will graduate cum laude
  • 100 percent of students participated in local community service
  • 100 percent of students completed mentored research projects
  • 49 percent of students presented at a professional or academic conference
  • 22 percent of students have published their research
  • 92 percent of students participated in an internship and/or another relevant professional experience
  • 90 percent of students held a student leadership position on campus
  • 58 percent of students had at least one international experience
  • 38 percent of students have a job offer and plan to enter the workforce
  • 25 percent of students have been admitted to a graduate or professional school and plan to enroll
  • 20 students are members of the Charleston Fellows Program
  • 7 students are members of the International Scholars Program
  • 11 students participated in the Honors STEAM Entrepreneurship-Living Learning Community (E-LLC)
  • 5 students are Swanson Scholars; 5 are Boykin Scholars; 4 are Colonial Scholars; 3 are Draisin Scholars; 3 are Pinckney Scholars; 1 is an Automated Trading Desk Scholar; 1 is a Huge Scholar; 1 is a John C. Hodge Scholar; 1 is a Jill Conway Scholar; 1 is a Class of 1938 Scholar; 1 is a Chad V. Adams Scholar
  • 4 students are ExCEL Award recipients
  • 1 student received a Goldwater Scholarship
  • 1 student received a DoD SMART Scholarship
  • 2 students received a Critical Language Scholarship

Undergraduate Class of 2021: Award Winners

  • Presidential Award for Scholarship, Leadership and Service
    Vernon L. Kennedy Jr.
  • Alexander Chambliss Connelley Award
    Cookie Desai
  • The Theodore S. Stern Cup 
    Margaret Elaine Carpenter
  • Stephen C. Osborne ’73 and George P. Watt Jr. Bonner Leader of the Year
    Cyril J. Langston
  • John Lewis Gervais Jr. Award
    Madison Skylar Daniel
  • Safe Zone Advocacy Award
    Zoë Jane Murrie

a graduate student wearing a cap and gown

Graduate Class of 2021: By the Numbers

122Master’s degree and graduate certificate candidates
8M.A. in Communication
7M.A. in Community Planning, Policy, and Design
1M.A. in English
12M.A. in History
3M.A.T. in Early Childhood Education
8M.A.T. in Elementary Education
1M.A.T. in Middle Grades Education
4M.A.T. in Performing Arts Education
1M.Ed. in Languages
2M.Ed. in Science and Mathematics for Teachers
8M.Ed. in Teaching, Learning and Advocacy
50Master of Business Administration
9Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing
16Master of Public Administration
7M.S. in Accountancy
9M.S. in Child Life
4M.S. in Computer and Information Science
2M.S. in Data Science and Analytics
23M.S. in Environmental and Sustainability Studies
6M.S. in Environmental and Sustainability Studies & Master of Public Administration concurrent program
5M.S. in Historic Preservation
5M.S. in Mathematical Sciences
7M.S. in Marine Biology
6Arts and Cultural Management Graduate Certificate
5English to Speakers of Other Languages Graduate Certificate
1Operations Research Graduate Certificate
11Special Education Graduate Certificate
1Urban and Regional Planning Graduate Certificate

Graduate Class of 2021: Award Winners

Outstanding Graduate Students (Includes fall 2020, spring 2021 and summer 2021 students)

  • M.A. in Communication – Presley Leopard and Katherine Scott
  • M.A. in History – Miller Pennebaker and Patrick Sheridan
  • M.A.T. in Early Childhood Education – Claire Lukenbill
  • M.A.T. in Elementary Education – Grace Finlay and Christopher Green
  • M.A.T. in Middle Grades Education – Hannah Jeffries
  • M.A.T. in Performing Arts Education – Brent Dorwart and Kiri Taylor
  • Master of Business Administration – Oscar Almanza and Ryan Morris
  • M.Ed. in Languages – Cecilia Hunt
  • M.Ed. in Science and Math for Teachers – Matthew Marvin and Emily Zogas
  • M.Ed. in Teaching, Learning and Advocacy – Shuchi Huang and Isabel Raisbeck
  • M.F.A. in Creative Writing – Lauren Cortese and Joshua Garcia
  • Master of Public Administration – Ryan Green
  • M.S. in Accountancy – Mikaela Fodor and Sara Graham
  • M.S. in Computer and Information Sciences – Taylor Marchbanks, Dilyara Meeder and Anthony Morrell
  • M.S. in Data Science and Analytics – Hannes Greim and Jacqueline Jensen
  • M.S. in Environmental Studies and Sustainability Studies – Miranda Dziobak, Nolan Schillerstrom, Patrice Wolfe and Julianna Wright
  • M.S. in Marine Biology – Sarah Kell, Jenna Klingsick and Julie Loewenstein
  • M.S. in Mathematical Sciences – Zachary Hilliard, Catherine O’Laughlin and Paul Searcy
  • Graduate Certificate in Arts and Cultural Management – Sarah Berry, Joshua Garcia and Simone Liberty