Over the past few years, the College of Charleston’s Division of Information Technology (IT) has worked to modernize the institution’s technical infrastructure. Building on that infrastructure, IT is partnering with various areas across campus on a new initiative: the Banner Modernization, Advising and Analytics Program.

The program involves several projects that will further transform and upgrade the College’s technical systems and processes. Although some projects have already begun to roll out, most of these are planned to become available to users in fall 2021 and spring 2022.

“The modernization will allow us to standardize and simplify our business processes, enhance the user interface and experience, improve and personalize communications across campus, and allow for expanded access to information,” says Zach Hartje, deputy CIO of IT administration. “We will be able to use available data these systems provide to help us make improved decisions across the board.”

The Banner Modernization, Advising and Analytics Program will require both innovation and teamwork to make sure it is successful in bringing the College forward and improving experiences for students, faculty and staff. The program is driven by the College’s strategic plan and supports all three pillars, laying the foundation to fulfill the College’s vision of being a transformative national university redefining liberal arts through innovation.

While the specifics of how each program will be deployed are still in the planning stage, the below provides a brief overview of the program projects to come:

  • Banner SSB: This project is focused on the upgrade to Self-Service Banner 9 (SSB 9). SSB 9 allows individuals to verify records and access information on their own. The core data will remain the same, but the new version will have a modern, streamlined mobile-friendly design. All areas of Banner SSB will be upgraded, including Student, Human Resources, Finance and Financial Aid.
  • Degree Works: Degree Works is the College’s online degree audit and academic advising tool that supports students and their advisors in successfully navigating, tracking and planning degree completion. The upgrade to the latest release of Degree Works brings a completely new look and feel to the user interface. The upgrade also comes with improvements to the Student Education Planner (SEP) that helps advisors and students plan and track the most effective path to graduation.
  • Student Success Insights: Powered by CRM Advise, the new student success system will aggregate data from Banner, Degree Works and OAKS (the College’s Learning Management System) to give a holistic view of a student’s performance based on criteria set by the College. The system will allow advisors, faculty members and the student success team to better engage and connect with students by extending the right support and communications at the right time.
  • Analytics: Analytics is a centralized hub for Banner data that transforms information into actionable insights. The system provides users with improved reporting through responsive and interactive dashboards.
  • Workflow: The expanded use of Workflow will improve efficiencies with automation. The system will save time and reduce outdated paper-based tasks and processes.
  • Integrated Learning Platform (ILP): Integrated Learning Platform’s new integration connects OAKS and Banner. ILP passes course, registration and event data between the two systems in real time.
  • MyPortal: Powered by CampusM, MyPortal is more than a replacement for MyCharleston. MyPortal is a one-stop app designed for mobile use and providing content based on a user’s role.
  • Intranet: Developed using SharePoint Online, the College is implementing a modern intranet for internally managed content and shared knowledge. The intranet will provide a private network of sites, pages and tools for improved communication and collaboration at the College.

To learn more about the Banner Modernization, Advising and Analytics Program, visit the Technology Transformation website, which includes more information about each project, demo videos and a news section where project updates will be posted. Click the “Follow” button in the upper righthand corner to stay current with new content.