College of Charleston “In the News” is a weekly roundup of news articles featuring College faculty, staff, students or alumni. Recent media coverage of the College includes: 


College of Charleston Heads Into Fall With COVID Answers

Government Technology magazine looks at the way the College of Charleston navigated through the pandemic.


Hsu: It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see why our nation is great

President Andrew Hsu writes an op-ed in The Post and Courier.


Local expert explains cause of sinkhole on Coming street

WCIV-TV talks to geologist Norman Levine about a sinkhole.


Containment wall at Second Presbyterian Church still bulging, threatening pedestrians

The Post and Courier interviews historic preservation professor Grant Gilmore about a structural problem with a wall in Charleston.


College of Charleston surveys students for vaccination status

Vice President of Student Affairs Alicia Caudill talks with WCSC-TV about student vaccinations.


South Carolina opting out of federal pandemic unemployment June 30

Economics professor Frank Hefner talks to WCBD-TV about the ending of federal unemployment benefits.


College of Charleston School of Business to Host Second Annual Women for Women Summit

The Charleston Regional Business Journal previews the second annual Women for Women Summit.


More than 200 public US colleges are requiring COVID vaccines. In SC, that’s illegal

The State looks at the College of Charleston’s new COVID-19 protocols.