The right words can make a difference, especially when speaking to someone suffering with mental distress. According to a study by Marilyn F. Downs and Daniel Eisenberg of Tufts University, two-thirds of students who reported suicidal thoughts indicated that encouragement from others led to them getting help.

On Monday, Sept. 27, 2021, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Rivers Green, the College of Charleston’s Office of Student Wellness and Wellbeing will hold “Stick Together, Reach Out for Suicide Prevention.” The event will have a visual display of how many students struggle with hopelessness, pain and the many different challenges that lead to thoughts of suicide. Students can also take action at the event by signing up for “How to Help a Distressed Friend” workshops or through Cougar Connect.

Stick Together, Reach Out flyer

“Together with my interns and Students4Support, we are holding ‘Stick Together, Reach Out for Suicide Prevention’ in honor of National Suicide Prevention Month,” explains Rachael McNamara, who heads up the Office of Student Wellness and Wellbeing. “Thankfully, with the support of the Lynn L. Moody Endowment for Mental Health and Suicide Awareness, we will continue the conversation around mental health and suicide by encouraging individuals, clubs and organizations to attend our workshops designed to help our community recognize the signs of distress, know the available resources and encourage people to get help.”

Being able to identify members of the CofC community who are really struggling and getting them access to the right resources can change lives. Stop by Rivers Green for “Stick Together, Reach Out for Suicide Prevention” and learn how you can help build the College’s personal and social network of support.