College of Charleston Executive Vice President for Student Affairs Alicia Caudill shared the following message on Friday, Oct. 22, 2021, reminding students to think first this Halloween:

Dear Students,

As some of you prepare for Halloween, I write to remind you about President Hsu’s message from October 6 asking you to Think First about your actions and choices. Our goal is for all students who participate in events to have a happy, fun and safe Halloween. Please remember you represent the College of Charleston community on and off campus.

As we approach the Halloween holiday next weekend, I am asking you to be extra mindful regarding costume choices and your personal decisions around health and safety.

    • I am pleased to share with you this short video from your fellow students, which encourages you to “think first” when celebrating Halloween.  (

In regard to costume choices, here are some things to keep in mind:

o    Be mindful of not choosing offensive costumes or décor related to gender, culture, class, race, and/or sexual orientation. 

o    Ask yourself, does your costume perpetuate cruel stereotypes that are harmful to other people? If so, choose another costume. If you are not sure, choose another costume.

o    It is NEVER acceptable to paint your face any color to represent another race or culture.

o    Making fun of someone’s identity or culture perpetuates harmful stereotypes and makes people of different races and identities feel unwelcome and unsafe at the College of Charleston. Don’t do it!

o    It does not matter if you deliberately set out to mock an entire group of people or if it happens by accident because you didn’t know your costume was offensive. Even if the intent is not to bring harm or to insult, it may do just that.

The College of Charleston values our diverse students, faculty and staff who represent many different cultures and backgrounds. Along with this diversity comes a need for all of us to respect different cultural (including gender identity and expression, disability, ethnicity, race, and religious) backgrounds to create a campus that is safe and welcoming for all people.

Please make sure you remember the values and expectations we have for all members of the College of Charleston community not just on Halloween, but every day.

Please find below the Halloween programs and events sponsored by the College next week. 



Alicia Caudill
Executive Vice President for Student Affairs