Name: Jenny Sella Hometown: Silver Spring, Maryland Major/year: Senior in the Honors College, majoring in exercise science What CofC organizations you have been involved with?
  • Music director of The Charleston Vibes a cappella group
  • Vice president of the women’s club soccer team
CofC awards or honors: College of Charleston President’s List for Academic Excellence
jenny sella

Exercise science major Jenny Sella

Why did you choose the College of Charleston? I wanted to move South and to an urban city. I wanted warmer weather near the beach and a city (always something to do) as well as out-of-state and away from home. What drew you to your major? I grew up playing sports and knew I wanted to do something in the healthcare field. I also really enjoy science. As an athlete, I have always been interested in my teammates’ injuries and the recovery process. Although I have only suffered minor injuries from sports (I have never utilized physical therapy myself), I have always enjoyed hearing about the recovery process from my friends. I was always eager to engage in “pre-hab” team workouts with athletic trainers throughout my high school soccer experience. At these workout sessions, I constantly asked questions about why we were doing certain movements and how strengthening such muscles would help prevent injury while playing soccer. Although these workouts were fun for me and I learned a lot while participating, overall, I feel a stronger pull toward a healthcare field profession rather than athletic training. Hence why I am considering either becoming a physical therapist or a nurse. What’s your favorite location on campus and why? The Rita Liddy Hollings Science Center: It’s always quiet and a good environment to focus in and I can always find a table to study or do homework. When the weather is nice, I also like sitting at a table near the bell tower outside Addlestone Library. What’s the most surprising thing about your CofC experience so far? How easy it has been to form connections with friends, peers, professors and mentors. I have been heavily involved in an ongoing research project about exercise and the possible physical activity benefits of using electric bikes for almost two years now, which is something I never thought I would do. I am so beyond grateful to have this experience and have formed connections with others as a result. I am currently using the project to write my bachelor’s essays and I am eager to publish my results once done! What’s something your CofC classmates would be surprised to know about you? I have a lot of interests and enjoy getting involved in ways that fulfill all those interests. I am obviously very science-minded and analytical in many aspects of my life, but I also like to be fun and creative and find the humor in any or all situations. I think my résumé kind of shows that, but to people who only know one side of me, I think they would be surprised to know the other side. What’s the best class and/or best professor you’ve had? Interdisciplinary Special Topics: Zip Code or Genetic Code: What decides our Health? (HONS 380) with public health professor Morgan Hughey  Why do you like singing and being a part of The Charleston Vibes? Singing is a hobby for me and a great outlet to express my creative side. I grew up with some musical family members and have always enjoyed music. I sang in a competitive a cappella group in high school and knew I did not want to stop singing when I got to college. Therefore, I auditioned for The Charleston Vibes my first semester here at CofC. Throughout my four years in the group, I have formed friendships with every member and share some of my favorite college memories with this group. Every rehearsal, every performance and every event is a chance for us to learn more about each other as individuals and to make beautiful music together. As music director, I love the process of learning and perfecting our technique to produce our best sound possible during a performance. Witnessing this process is unique and makes me beyond proud when we feel the payoff of our hard work as a group. What do you enjoy about playing soccer and being part of a club team? Soccer is another great outlet for me. I have always played soccer and enjoy the physical, competitive and teamwork aspects of the sport. I knew in high school that I did not want to pursue the sport seriously, but I did not want to stop playing altogether. Joining CofC’s club team was the perfect compromise for me. I have made many friends on the team through the years and have been able to continue playing the sport I love to play. Being part of a league is great because it holds our team members accountable to showing up and playing, while also offering the competition we desire and expect from the sport. Beyond getting to put my cleats on and kick a ball around with some friends, I have loved being a captain of our club team for the past two years and witnessing friendships form and our team grow in confidence.