The College of Charleston is now offering a voluntary health insurance plan available to any enrolled CofC student.

Students can begin signing up now for the College of Charleston Domestic Voluntary Insurance Plan that begins at the start of the fall 2022 semester. The plan is available to all registered undergraduate students enrolled in six or more semester hours. Graduate and professional students taking at least one graduate level course are also available for this plan. Students must be in good academic standing and making appropriate progress toward graduation.

The College of Charleston Domestic Voluntary Insurance Plan provides the necessary coverage for services beyond what is available through the College’s Student Health Services. The plan offers comprehensive benefits and low premiums. The plan also covers mental health, vision and dental services and urgent care benefits.

“I’m excited that we can offer this opportunity to our students and families,” says Alicia Caudill, executive vice president for student affairs. “The College wants to make sure that every student has a way to access a good health care plan that provides coverage for all the things that a student might need.”

This student-focused plan protects students at school, at home and while traveling or studying abroad. For information about the plan, go to