The College of Charleston family continues to grow with the addition of these new staff members. Coming from near and far, these new Cougars are excited to be here – and the College is excited to have them! Please extend a warm welcome to your newest colleagues (listed alphabetically below)!

Matthew Alford

Matthew Alford, Budgeting and Payroll

Matthew Alford ’19

Payroll Coordinator, Office of Budgeting and Payroll

Background: I’m from Conway, South Carolina. I graduated from CofC in 2019 and am excited to begin working here!

Interests: I enjoy running, listening to music and spending time with family and friends.

Looking Forward: I’m excited about being a part of an organization that I admire and working in such a beautiful place.

Brad Dotson

Brad Dotson, Residence Life

Brad Dotson

Residence Hall Director, Department of Residence Life

Background: I’m from Kentucky and graduated from the University of South Carolina with a degree in history.

Interests: I like to go to the gym, lay out at the beach, go for a run around town and play video games.

Looking Forward: I’m excited to be working with students as they experience a school year at CofC. I’m excited to get to know the RAs and the residents I’m working with.

Becca Hodges

Becca Hodges, Grounds

Becca Hodges

Groundskeeper, Grounds Department

Background: I’ve been in Charleston since 2004, working as a Realtor. Prior to 2004, I had a 30-year corporate sales career, working in television sales at WBTV-CBS in Charlotte, North Carolina; in the advertising industry as the new business development manager in Columbia, South Carolina; and in sales for Muzak and Bose in Winston-Salem and the Piedmont Triad of North Carolina.

Interests: Gardening has always been a passion of mine, and I’m a Clemson Master Gardener. I’ve spent many years as a musician, studying both piano and voice. I sang for a decade with Franklin Ashley (a professor in the Department of Theatre, 1994–2015) and his quintet on his annual Piccolo Spoleto Jazz Harbor Cruise. Franklin was my mentor in the world of jazz standards, starting in 1988 in Columbia, South Carolina, where we first met. I miss him! I still sing locally in Charleston on occasion with the Oscar Rivers Quintet, which I enjoy thoroughly!

Looking Forward: Working with Verneil Phillips and his team will be a dream come true! Had I known what I “wanted to be when I grew up” earlier, I would’ve gone to Clemson to study horticulture and landscape design. Instead, I went to Queens College and got a liberal arts degree and focused my career on the corporate sales world. … Alas! Grandma Moses didn’t start painting until she was 80, so at least I’m ahead of that number in getting into my landscaping and grounds job at CofC! Thank you to Verneil and to all who have helped me get here! See ya ’round campus!

Jesse Kunze

Jesse Kunze, Information Technology

Jesse Kunze ’19

Audio Visual Event Support Technician, Division of Information Technology

Background: I am from the Charleston area, attending Hanahan High School before receiving my bachelor’s degree in communication from the College of Charleston. I started as a student employee at the College and became a staff member upon graduation.

Interests: I am an avid fan of all forms of media, which led to my creative writing and film studies minors at the College. In my free time I enjoy reading, playing video games and watching TV and movies. I also love to travel, and can often be found researching destinations for my next vacation.

Looking Forward: I look forward to growing strong working relationships across the campus community and helping facilitate the many amazing events the College puts on throughout the year.

Braxton McDuffie

Braxton McDuffie, Campus Services

Braxton McDuffie

Facilities Liaison and Contract Coordinator, Campus Services

Background: I am from Columbia, South Carolina. Before coming to the College, I was an aviation recruiter for a company called Aerotek.

Interests: My hobbies include playing rugby for the Charleston Outlaws and doing anything and everything that has to do with music. In my spare time, I like to relax at home or I will try to find something new and adventurous to do. I also like playing all type of sports and I enjoy just being outside.

Looking Forward: I am looking forward to working and building relationships with everyone in their respective areas and have a professional family type of vibe here.

Shea McLernon

Shea McLernon, Early Childhood Development Center

Shea McLernon ’21

Master Teacher, Nathan E. Miles Early Childhood Development Center

Background: I grew up in Charleston and I am a CofC Alum!

Interests: I love to read, be active and spend time with friends.

Looking Forward: I’m excited about working with kids!

Nate Nearpass

Nate Nearpass, Early Childhood Development Center

Nate Nearpass

Master Teacher, Nathan E. Miles Early Childhood Development Center

Background: I grew up and went to school in the Chicagoland area. I worked for a while in the nonprofit sector in California before deciding to go into teaching. For the past few years I have been teaching preschool at the Bennett Day School in Chicago.

Interests: I am a husband and a father. With my wife, Catherine, and daughter, Waverly, I love to be outside. We go on hikes and visit the beach whenever we can. I have also recently started birding in my spare time and I am very excited to visit some of the birding spots in the Charleston area.

Looking Forward: I was instantly impressed by the beautiful campus and I am excited about how uniquely located the campus is in Charleston. I am also very excited about the outdoor play space at the Early Childhood Development Center.

Theodore Roper

Theo Roper, Central Energy

Theo Roper

Utilities Plant Operator, Central Energy Plant

Background: I was born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina. I have 30 years of experience working in manufacturing within automotive, steel and chemical companies.

Interests: I like spending time with family and helping others. I enjoy grilling and cooking seafood for my family and friends, working outdoors in the yard and working with hand tools and power tools.

Looking Forward: I look forward to having a change in environment and work-life balance.