The College of Charleston men’s basketball team has had a slam dunk of a season so far, with an impressive 25-3 record and claim to a 20-game winning streak.

With only two more regular season home games left, now is the time for students to catch the Cougars in action at TD Arena and experience the excitement and energy that only comes from being in the student section.

“Going to the basketball games makes me so happy that I chose to go to the College of Charleston,” says Madison Darchicourt, a senior majoring in communication, who regularly attends basketball games. “Cougar spirit is strong in the student section, especially this season. Every game, the student section is packed full and the energy is high!”

And since students get free entry to athletic events on a first come, first serve basis – including men’s basketball games – there’s no reason not to catch the No. 1 ranked team (tied with Hofstra) in the Colonial Athletic Association.

The final two regular season home games take place Feb. 23 at 7 p.m. and Feb. 25 at 12 p.m., where this year’s seniors will be recognized.

But in case you need convincing, here are five reasons (in no particular order) why students should see the men’s basketball team in action at home while they still can!

DJ Natty Heavy in TD Arena (file image)

DJ Natty Heavy

DJ NattyHeavy, the official DJ of the College of Charleston basketball program, has spun records alongside major acts like Snoop Dogg and Hootie & the Blowfish, as well as rocked major festivals with as many as 50,000 people. He keeps the game crowds hyped from start to finish!

The Cougarettes dance team

The Cougarettes

Athletic, acrobatic and poised: the Cougarettes dance team puts on a show for the home crowd and keeps the energy high.

Students cheer at a recent basketball game.

Growing friendships and making memories

“Getting to hangout with friends and rooting for the Cougars goes hand in hand. It’s nice to have something to do after a long day of classes,” says Darchicourt. “It’s so fun to walk through TD Arena and the student section and see your classmates in a setting other than an academic one. I think that makes the student body grow closer and have more school spirit.”

Members of the Chucktown Sound pep band at a recent basketball game. (Photos by Madison Darchicourt)

The Chucktown Sound pep band

“My favorite part of the games is getting to dance to the Chucktown Sound music with my friends,” says Darchicourt. “I love the band! Without them, the energy would not be the same in TD Arena!”

Electric energy

“The best part about sitting in the student section is when it’s a close game and our team goes up for a shot and the whole student section is waiting to see if they make the basket,” says Darchicourt. “The best feeling is when you see the shot go in, and the whole student section explodes with excitement. That’s been the best part about this season, seeing how excited the student body gets when we win!”