Whether it’s plant physiology, the devastating earthquake of 1886 or insights from women leaders, there’s always something new to learn at the College of Charleston.

Students recently spent time measuring and observing sunflower and corn specimens in professor Seth Pritchard‘s Plant Physiology class. (Photos by Mike Ledford) 

Students spent time studying different skull specimens in professor Jaap Hillenius‘ Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy lab earlier this month. (Photos by Mike Ledford) 

Professor Caitlyn Bierce recently led a geology lab on an earthquake walking tour around campus and Charleston, where students learned about the devastating impact of an earthquake that struck the Lowcountry in 1886. (Photos by Mike Ledford)

Suzanne Austin, executive vice president for academic affairs and provost, and Sydney Maguire, president of the Student Government Association, co-moderated “Women Leaders at CofC: A Panel Discussion of Career Development and Work-Life Balance,” featuring female faculty and staff at CofC. (Photos by Amanda Kerr)