In case you have not noticed, the internet is buzzing about an Alabama mom’s graduation gift for her College of Charleston-bound daughter.

18-year-old Abby Rose Percy recently recorded a Tik Tok video about a unique way her mother, Erin Percy, is getting her ready for college. The video shows over a dozen carefully wrapped packages that have handwritten notes attached. The notes indicate that the packages should be opened at specific times during the semester.  The messages include, “Open me when you don’t have the time to do laundry,” “Open me before midterms,” and “Open me when you need a little jolt.”

“I wanted to give her a few things for those important moments that I’m going to miss,” Percy tells Percy is a pediatric nurse practitioner and a stage 3 breast cancer survivor. She says her daughter is her biggest cheerleader.

“She had a hard high school experience because of Covid — and I just want her to have an awesome, normal, college experience,” says Percy.