The College of Charleston is excited to introduce some of its newest staff members to campus. From making clothes to making electric guitars, from playing Dungeons & Dragons to playing the trombone: They may have a wide variety of interests, but these new employees all share an enthusiasm for joining the Cougar family. Please extend a warm welcome to them all!

Alex Dee

Alex Dee, Information Technology

Alexander Dee
PC/Network Technician, Division of Information Technology

Background: I’m originally from the Philippines. First U.S. destination was in California and then Florida, and then we moved here to South Carolina. I used to be an HR manager for Florida Homecare Specialists Inc. back in Lady Lake, Florida. When we moved here to South Carolina, I was hired by B&C Hospitality Systems as a 1099 employee/contractor for networks and POS systems.

Interests: I assemble/make electric guitars and play them, and I also play percussion. I make music with my son.

Looking Forward: I look forward to being a permanent/regular employee of the state. Work-life balance is also one of the great factors that I have to consider. I’m also excited about having more colleagues as friends. And of course, career growth.

Wesley Funsch

Wesley Funsch, Treasurer’s Office

Wesley Funsch
Legal Residency Coordinator, Treasurer’s Office

Background: I grew up in the Charleston area and then attended Clemson University. Upon graduating, I moved back to the Charleston area and started a career in law enforcement.

Interests: I love to be on the water and fishing. I am a football fan and love March Madness. I like to cook and barbecue.

Looking Forward: I’m excited to be part of CougarNation.

Edie Hering

Edie Hering, School of Sciences, Mathematics, and Engineering

Edie Hering
Director of Pre-Professional Health Advising, School of Sciences, Mathematics, and Engineering

Background: I have been in higher education for 17 years. During that time, I’ve worked at the Medical University of South Carolina and Indiana University Bloomington. Most recently, I was in the College of Health Professions at MUSC working with students preparing to leave for their clinical rotations.

Interests: In my spare time, I like to hang out with family, take my dogs on little adventures, dabble in photography, catch a few yoga classes, listen to audiobooks and travel.

Looking Forward: I am looking forward to working with the students!

Camela Guevara

Camela Guevara, Halsey Institute

Camela Guevara ’10
Community Engagement Coordinator, Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art 

Background: I graduated from the College in 2010. I have worked as a freelance graphic designer and seamstress, as well as a community organizer.

Interests: I love to sew my own clothes and make art.

Looking Forward: I am excited to create dynamic programming to complement Halsey exhibitions, as well as continue to make the Halsey Institute an inclusive and accessible space for our community.

Ana Maria Lavado

Ana Lavado, Academic Advising and Planning Center

Ana Maria Lavado
Academic Advisor, Academic Advising and Planning Center

Background: I was born in Conway, South Carolina, but moved around a lot growing up! I’ve lived in North Carolina, Illinois and Spain before returning to Myrtle Beach just before starting high school. I graduated from Coastal Carolina University with an Honors B.A. in English and a minor in art history. I also studied abroad at the University of Exeter in England during my junior year and I loved it over there so much I returned for my M.A. in medieval studies at the University of York! I’m coming to the College of Charleston from Coastal Carolina University, where I’ve worked since 2020 as both an admissions counselor and an academic advisor.

Interests: I’m a huge nerd/geek! I love reading (fantasy and historical fiction are my favorite genres), traveling, crocheting, video games and playing Dungeons & Dragons with my husband and friends.

Looking Forward: I’ve grown up loving the Charleston area and actually had CofC as my first choice for my undergraduate degree (I was unable to attend due to various reasons), so I’m excited to finally be able to call Charleston and CofC home! I’m looking forward to helping students through their college journey and to just discover what it’s like to be a Cougar!

Justin Lyons

Justin Lyons, Admissions

Jason Lyons ’14
Assistant Director of Regional Admissions, Office of Admissions

Background: I am from Fort Mill, South Carolina, and I am a 2014 graduate of the College. My undergraduate degree is in Spanish, and then I pursued a master’s in higher education. Before coming (back) to the College, I worked in university admissions, residence life and study abroad, as well as K-12 administration and teaching, most recently as a high school Spanish teacher. I also volunteer for fraternities and sororities, facilitating leadership and alcohol and substance use programming.

Interests: I play trombone with some local community bands. I am an avid video gamer on my Nintendo Switch and my Xbox. I love to travel with my husband, who is from Colombia, South America, and we usually spend the month of July there. I have a (crazy) dog named Guzmán who is half chihuahua, half corgi.

Looking Forward: I am so excited to spark the same excitement for the College that was sparked in me as a high school student. I have spent the last couple of years (as a teacher) subtly recruiting kids to CofC, so it will be a dream to do it full time!